Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR with employees

Corporate Social Responsibility is a crucial part of your company’s strategy. Getting your team involved in your CSR initiatives will make a lasting impression on your best brand ambassadors. According to Net Impact 65% of workers and students said that “the potential to contribute to society” and “a job that will make the world a better place” is very important to them, with about one in four deeming this to be essential.

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Lead Generation and Trade Shows

Tree growing kits are an eco-friendly way to meet your clients for the first time.  It’s wonderful to be given a tree kit.  They will remember your company for gifting it to them, everyday they care for their tree.  Follow up emails asking how their tree is growing offers you an new way to engage with clients.

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Syncrude Canada ForestNation

Imagine ForestNation

Imagine a World where everyone grows their own Tree.

Julian Lennon ForestNation Ambassador

Julian Lennon Signature ForestNation Ambassador

Julian Lennon Imagine ForestNation

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You plant one We plant one

Be proactive with your social responsibility and encourage your employees and clients to grow their own trees. For each tree kit you distribute we’ll plant another tree in a developing country to add to your CSR initiative: Haiti, Malawi, India, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, Kenya.

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Your online campaign

Your company can have a tailor made campaign page to present any information you like and link back to your website.  Your clients can share your trees on Facebook and other social networks generating awareness about your CSR initiatives.

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Retail Promotion CSR ForestNation

Retail Promotions

Give your clients the opportunity to be actively involved in your corporate social responsibility campaign.  Our tree kits are an excellent gift with purchase or an impulse buy at the check out.

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G8 Canada ForestNation

Positive reactions guaranteed

Everybody loves trees. Imagine how you’ll feel knowing that you’ve given the opportunity to thousands of families around the world to grow their own trees.  This photo shows the ForestNation tree kit being presented to The Governor General of Canada, Michelle Jean.

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Communicate your CSR

Companies and brands have a real challenge in balancing sustainable objectives with commercial ones in today’s environmentally challenged world. The question that so many companies have to ask themselves is “how can we communicate our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and tell people about our green credentials in an open way that’s also meaningful?” The ForestNation tree kit and campaign is an interactive solution to satisfy your CSR communications.

Good business works!

We offer you a tangible way to deliver a message to clients, partners and employees alike, about your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. If social responsibility is important to you as a brand or business, this is a credible way to tell people about it and encourage them to join you in doing something about it. Unlike other CSR options, this is something that gives your people hands on involvement and you can be put into action immediately.

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Tree kit espresso and globe example

Suncor Tree-Kits ForestNation

Tree kit espresso example

You plant one we plant one tree kit | ForestNation

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