Global Cooperation Day

Initiated by Liz Greenwell


Global Cooperation Day

An excerpt from Liz Greenwell’s writings:

“I have taken civil society as we know it, broadened its meaning and scope, gave it the name civil society on a global scale, and made it vital and relevant.

I coined the phrase ‘civil society on a global scale’, because I feel that it best describes my work.

I would briefly describe civil society on a global scale, as highly developed societies and cultures around the world where all people enjoy the benefits of a high standard of living, health, and quality of life. And that those societies on a global scale be safe, compassionate, kind, caring, polite, courteous, and respectful. Along with other strong and attractive virtues like trust, honesty, tolerance, and understanding.

I believe that humanity and the environment are linked and as such, civil society is enhanced if the environment is developed to a point where it provides a healthy, therapeutic and pleasing place in which the world’s people, other life forms, and plant life co-exist. Then, I feel, we have the perfect balance.”

About Liz Greenwell and Global Cooperation Day

You and your tree could feature in our movie!

Upload your pictures and videos of your tree planting and we will create a short movie. ForestNation’s goal is to encourage everyone to grow their own tree. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, everyone can get involved in tree planting. All you need to do is buy a tree seedling or small tree from your local garden centre, florist or nursery and plant it. You can plant a tree in your garden, in a plant pot for your terrace or balcony or in a local school or park (if you have permission)… It’s the tree planting ACT that counts.

“Growing and planting a tree is a symbolic and important act that we can all do, no matter who you are or where you live. It will help us connect with nature and help us all connect to each other.” ~ Andrew Pothecary – CEO ForestNation

Promise to plant  |   See the trees planted so far

Can we all of us together, water the fields of humanity, and bring about a harvest so great, that it will take the world to pick the fruit, a harvest that is civil society? I think we can.

~ Liz Greenwell, April 1994, from her lifelong work, and ongoing writings.

Liz Greenwell

Liz’s above quotation was cited by a delegate at the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference 2013, held at the United Nations University, when he was presenting his own paper on sustainable housing. As the delegate himself later wrote “The conference is trying to raise the point that all of humanity is a system ‘governed’ by written and unwritten, or formal and informal, rules and norms. The conference did attract many presenters on top-down international relations and nuclear energy policy, however the project is also about ‘bottom up’, grassroots changes in our human-made earth system”.

In 2010, the US State Department wrote to Liz Greenwell “I applaud your continued efforts to spread global understanding and peace throughout the world in the telling of your story.” She is the writer and producer of the upcoming documentary Watering the Fields of Humanity: Planned to be the greatest example of global cooperation ever committed to celluloid.

Adam Greenwell

Adam Greenwell is Executive Producer for Liz Greenwell’s breakthrough film, Watering the Fields of Humanity; Liz Greenwell’s breakthrough film; an A-List film about the origins of Greenpeace; a family film, set in LA and NZ, designed to promote the Samoan community in New Zealand and the USA; and an animated movie about life among the Maori in New Zealand before European settlement. As Executive Producer of each of these films, all four movies have been bundled into one production and funding package.

October 4th

For Global Cooperation Day we have chosen October 4th because it is the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Ecology who said “ it’s the duty of men to protect and enjoy nature as both the stewards of God’s creation and as creatures ourselves”. Global Cooperation Day is to introduce Liz Greenwell’s ongoing work for humanity and the environment and to encourage us all to protect and enjoy nature by joining together to plant trees around the world.

Plant trees on October 4th

Growing and planting a tree is a symbolic and important act that we can all do, no matter who you are or where you live. It will help us connect with nature and help us all connect to each other. It’s really easy to find some trees to plant locally. Your local garden centre, florist or nursery can supply you with small trees or seedlings. You can plant a tree in your garden, in a pot for your terrace or balcony, in a local school or park (if you have permission)… If you are stuck for ideas or cannot get a tree to plant just contact us for help.

  1. Register your promise to plant.

  2. Organise your tree seedling from a local nursery, florist or garden centre. Request help if you need it.

  3. Record you planting with photos and/or video.

  4. Send your photos and/or video to us so we can create the greatest image of Global Cooperation.

  5. Enjoy, care and show your respect for nature!

If it’s not a good time of year to plant out side in your area at this time of year you can still participate. Plant you tree in a plant pot and care for it until the time is right to plant outside or transplant to a bigger pot.


  • Happy to support Liz Greenwell in this amazing planet venture. Us mere mortals do not have a home without a nurtured sustained environment! (See their tree)
    Rena Owen ~ New Zealand film, theatre and television actress.
    Rena Owen ~ New Zealand film, theatre and television actress.

Most recent promises to plant…

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