Tree Planting Projects

Planting pages created

Growing kits distributed

Trees for developing countries

Haiti tree planting

Actively planting since 2002, in 2009 over 1 million trees were planted in Haiti with communities along the Arcadine coast. Another 1 million trees were planting in 2012…

Malawi tree planting

Over the past few years a large number of community tree nurseries have been established, which raised over three million tree seedlings. Initially, the aim was to encourage communities to plant and use trees on a sustainable basis.

Uganda tree planting

Deforestation caused by increasing uses in firewood is causing many problems. With only 25% of Uganda’s land arable, there are increasing population pressures on available land. Overgrazing has become a growing problem.

Ethiopia tree planting

Working with 4 community nurseries in Konso and 20 community nurseries in Dimtu, since 2011 our tree planting partner has distributed more than 1.5 million trees.

Kenya tree planting

In 2011, our tree planting partner distributed 4.5 million seeds and planted 3 million seedlings working with 200 local organisations and schools.

Philippines tree planting

Many new fruit and vegetable species that are rare in the Philippines have been introduced, bringing farmers a premium at local markets. They hired people to protect seedlings in the ground from wildfires, and to water those in the nurseries.

Tanzania tree planting

They have distributed 700,000 seeds through 26 partnering organizations, and another 600,000 tree seeds directly to farmers.

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