To heal Mother Earth...
Play, Learn and Plant.

Have Fun and Do Some Good

Wise Up and learn to care for Mother Earth by playing fun interactive quizzes. Collect SEED points, choose your tree planting partners on our map to plant Real Trees. Keep track of your HSR score and make sure it’s always improving.


TREES are Real Trees you plant. Choose a Planting Partners on our map. Get updates and feedback planting projects.


Collect SEEDS when you Wise-Up playing interactive quizzes that teach you to care for Mother Earth. Each SEED point can plant one TREE.


Human Social Responsibility. You lose HSR every day to represent your daily consumption. Earn it back by giving back to regularly.


Level up your wisdom and learn to care for Mother Earth. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

ForestPLAY but not all day!

We limit the quizzes you can play each day because we promote a healthy lifestyle. We give you the tools to give back to Mother Earth. We want you to get out there and enjoy life!