Tree Kit Makers

Our Team of Tree Kit Makers


Jiffy Products is our co-founding patron and have provided the support and expertise necessary to make our mission a reality. A big thank you goes to Don Willis for helping every step of the way.

They supply the growing pellet and pot inside our tree kits, both made from biodegradable renewable natural resources. They also source the seeds for each location where we distribute the tree kits around the world.

Jiffy have their own mission to provide growers (whether agricultural, horticultural, silvicultural or home) with the highest quality growing media, media containers, seeds and other supporting products or services which enhance the successful propagation or cultivation of plants. They achieve this through continuous innovation and constant compliance to high standards of quality and environmental awareness. See their Born Sustainable website for more information.

CMP Plastics

Due to the persistence and technical skills of CMP Plastics International Inc, a specialist injection molding company, we were able to create the unique biodegradable globe for our Tree Kits.

CMP Plastics International Inc was established in 1989, and they have positioned themselves as a global supplier of plastic products for a diverse range of industries, such as food, health, electronics, medical, toy, packaging, cosmetics, houseware, hardware, automotive and sports & leisure.

CMP Plastics is truly an international company with high numbers of global customers, such as Kraft General Foods, Quaker, and Corning Cable Systems highlight the list of our international customers.

ForestNation is very happy to recommend the professionalism and support of CMP Plastics International Inc and invites you to try their services for all your injection molding needs.


ForestNation is very proud to be using the latest in smart materials from Solanyl Biopolymers Inc to produce the globes for our Tree Kits. Their biodegradable plastic resin is used by our production partner CMP Plastics International Inc who very cleverly mold the resin into 2 interlocking semi-spheres.

The plastic is made from reclaimed starch from the food industry that can be composted and return carbon back to soil to be used again as an energy source for plant life.

Solanyl is a carbon neutral and sustainable resource that can be used in numerous applications. If you are looking for a new environmentally friendly material to make your products with we highly recommend using eco-friendly plastics from Solanyl Biopolymers Inc.

Nature Works Logo

ForestNation ensures that all elements used in the production of the Tree Kits are environmentally friendly. We use potato starch for the globe and corn starch for the sleeve. We hope that we can encourage other companies to use new and innovative materials like EarthFirst PLA compostable shrink films.

We use EarthFirst PLA compostable shrink films to produce the protective/decorative wrap for our tree growing kits. The PLA life cycle (taken from EarthFirst’s website):

  • Plants are harvested
  • Plants are fermented into dextrose
  • Dextrose is catalyzed into the PLA polymer: IngeoTM polymer
  • Products, like EarthFirst® PLA film are made with the polymer
  • Products are composted in an industrial facility
  • Compost is used to grow more plants

Nature Works PLA