Carbon in the City: How You Can Reduce Urban Carbon Emissions

Carbon in the City: How You Can Reduce Urban Carbon Emissions

Urban settings are where most people on the planet reside, and so it is no surprise when these densely populated areas emit the most carbon dioxide fumes. It is the reliance on high carbon practices that maximize this problem to global proportions. In a climate where extreme weather conditions, rainy winters, and heavily polluted city environments are causing countless problems, people are starting to accept that change needs to happen. Though it’s difficult to break out of some habits, implementing some of these changes will significantly increase your chances of helping your immediate urban surroundings, as well as the wider world.

Make recycling a priority

Recycling is a given in the modern day, as cities produce more waste than any other parts of the world. If you don’t recycle, then waste can be detrimental to the environment, causing emissions to skyrocket. Having a foolproof recycling system in place, even just in your home, is the perfect start in helping reduce the amount of waste produced.

Not only will this be having a global impact, but your city will become cleaner and more vibrant as time passes. 

Use alternative methods of transport

In many cities, the smog levels and acid rain have climbed through the roof, damaging both people and the planet. One of the best ways to tackle this issue is by using alternative forms of transport, which can help limit the amount of fumes entering the atmosphere. Trains and buses are the most popular ways of doing this, but walking has almost zero impact on the planet.

However, there are times when driving is the only option. This is why it’s better to invest in a car that uses fuel efficiently. Perhaps surprisingly, new models guzzle fuel uneconomically. In fact, some used cars are as effective in their fuel mileage than the newest hybrid models, boasting between 30-40 miles per gallon. It’s important that you go through a trusted second-hand car dealer to make sure you’re choosing wisely. Used car giants Autotrader have always been pioneers in selling good quality cars at a fair price, and have been leading the way with their cars for sale in Gauteng. Contrary to misconception, used cars open up a world of possibilities; you can save money and the environment at the same time.

Switch to energy saving bulbs

Cities rely on light to keep them going. Offices, homes, and transport all need it to help when darkness rolls around. If you picture the famous skyline of Shanghai, you can only begin to imagine how many bulbs are being used – and how much energy. Possibly the easiest, but also the most reliable way of lowering your city’s carbon emissions is by swapping out your light bulbs for LED or CFL ones.

These bulbs use far less energy over long periods of time, and also last longer. Less waste, brighter light, and lower energy consumption make the swap purely beneficial. If everyone in a city started to do this, you’d be seeing positive effects in your surroundings and the wider world.

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