6 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Employees and Clients

Win the hearts of eco-conscious employees and clients with these eco-friendly gifts for Christmas.
Christmas gifts for employees and clients
Christmas gifting is a great way to show your appreciation to employees and clients. It’s also an effective marketing strategy for prospecting with new clients. We know that both employees and clients want companies to be socially responsible, so you should definitely use eco-friendly gifts for employees and clients.
But as companies have increasingly smaller budgets, how can you save on your Christmas gifts and help save the planet at the same time? Take a look at our suggestions for employee gifts and gifts for your clients.
Give trees kits. Be remembered everyday with eco friendly hit promotional products.

ForestNation Tree Kits

Our Tree Kits offer you the most innovative and caring gifts for employees and clients. They give the feeling of actually being involved in making a positive impact on our environment and society. We also plant matching trees in a developing country, and you can choose where from our list of tree planting projects.
damia group christmas tree gifts

“This year, we plan to send the ForestNation Tree Kits as Christmas gifts to our customers, suppliers and partners. Rather than the typical presents usually sent, we have decided to give something back – raising awareness and encouraging the recipients to register their tree, enabling our Damia Group Forest to grow, develop and flourish in Tanzania.” ~ Damia Group


Waka Waka Power

Waka Waka Power is a great employee gift and helps save energy consumption and also provides a convenient way to power up if you run out of battery. It’s a lightweight and durable solar powered charger for mobile phones that also includes a handy torch with up to 40 hours of light.
This state of the art device doesn’t just keep you constantly connected to the digitised world around you, but it also contributes to developing countries without access to electricity. The company runs its business on the same sustainable principles as we do at ForestNation. Their “Buy one, Give one” campaign raised more than $700 000 and provided 12 000 LED lamps to Haitian families without electricity at the same time.
lstn sound

LSTN Wooden Headphones

LSTN Sound Co makes classy headphones with great purpose. For each product you gift, they donate to the Starkey Hearing Foundation providing hearing aids to people who can’t afford it. 30,000 people are able to hear again thanks to LSTN.
7 year pen

Seven Year Pen

What can be more sustainable in an office than a pen that runs for 7 years without having its ink cartridge changed? It’s estimated that over 100 million pens are discarded each day which represents a serious environmental concern. Hidden within The 7-Year Pen is a large reservoir that allows it to hold substantially more ink than a traditional ballpoint pen. This great Swiss invention can write an average of 5.5 feet per day for 2,555 days (that’s over 2.6 miles!) before running out of ink.

Openly Human Natural Deodrants

Openly Human makes 100% plant based deodrants that make it a refreshing gift for anyone. What’s more special is that they plant a tree with ForestNation for every bottle you buy.
local food basket gift

Local Food Gift Baskets

Instead of buying bottles of wine or champagne as gifts for employees and clients, try to be more socially responsible this year by gifting locally grown and produced food. You can find a local store or website that makes fun gift baskets with organic, local food. Apart from the beneficial contribution towards a healthy and sustainable environment, locally produced foods are richer in nutrients.
You can mix and match various Christmas-attractive products such as handmade organic chocolate, apple juice, banana leaf trays, all annexed to a personalised handwritten greeting card. But be warned as locally produced food is so deliciously addictive 🙂

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