How Salesforce is innovating to plant trees

Salesforce has pledged to plant 100 million trees by 2030. See how they're going about it, involving their community and embracing tree kits and online challenges to make an impact in Tanzania.
trees by salesforce
You’ve most likely heard of Salesforce. Last year, we joined forces with them for a tree planting campaign. So happy they welcomed our ideas, we now have 32,715 trees growing in their forest. 🙌
They were able to achieve this by making little changes in the way they did business. We’re sharing this with you to hopefully inspire you to do the same. So here’s what they did..
The Salesforce Engineering team gifted trees to people who attended Oscon and Gracehopper last year. Oscon is a conference for open source projects and Gracehopper is their own event to celebrate women in tech.
7000 people took these trees home to plant. We planted 7000 matching trees in the Salesforce forest in Tanzania. Then, 303 of these kits were named and planted so we planted 303 matching trees in the Salesforce Forest. 💚💚
Here’s a lovely video from our nursery in Tanzania to thank Salesforce..
And here are some tree kit posts we love..


Rustle is growing, so far it’s just a tiny seedling in its’ cup. My kids named it for the sound of leaves blowing in the

Rodel UPRA

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb #UPRA #CCOM #RODEL #SalesForce #ForestNation


Combining my love of throwing ceramics and raising plants 🙂


Alto hopes to grow big and strong and wishes the same for his brothers and sisters that will be planted in the future 😀


Hi I’m Myr, a Crape Myrtle!


First night in its new environment next to some buddies. Finally planted the seeds after obtaining from GHC ’19. Can’t wait to watch it grow!


Can’t wait to see this bad boy sprout!

So far in 2020, Salesforce has planted 25,393 more trees in their forest. This has greatly helped sustain our projects during the last few tough months.
Even during lockdown, we found a way to plant trees with an online quiz challenge that Salesforce used to onboard new graduates. This same challenge is now being used to induct the global Futureforce class of 2020 intern program. They used the quizzes to educate about sustainability initiatives being implemented throughout the organization. As a result, we will be planting 5000+ trees this summer!
What we learn from this experience is that there’s always a way to do good for our planet, even when faced with serious challenges. We just have to embrace new ideas 😇

If you’re inspired by this to plant trees with your business, then feel free to reach out for ideas. You can also encourage and demand companies you buy from to give back. Thanks for caring.

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