How Planting Trees Helped SAP Concur Boost Engagement at their Virtual Event

See how SAP Concur organized a unique event by growing a forest with their community.
sap concur forest

Audience engagement and interaction are the biggest challenges for a virtual event.

Here’s how SAP Concur overcame these challenges to create a virtual event that was as engaging as their in person ones.

How SAP Concur Increased Engagement

SAP Concur is a travel and expense management software service. They organize an annual summit for clients and partners, which was called off this year due to the pandemic.

Their original plan was to gift tree kits to attendees. For the online event, they pivoted to virtual tree planting rewards:

We created a forest challenge that people could play during the online event. The challenge was to solve 3 interactive quizzes. We planted 15 trees for everyone who completed the challenge.

sap concur fusion forest challenge preview

SAP Concur planted more trees as a reward when people visited the virtual stands and breakout rooms of exhibiting companies. Here’s one of the exhibitors sharing their experience.


The initial goal was to plant 3,000 trees. But participation went through the roof, with attendees planting 9,000 trees in the SAP Concur forest!

Through this campaign, SAP Concur educated their community about their services whilst increasing exposure for their exhibitors in a unique way. All this while making an impact in Tanzania where we planted the trees.

Over to you

Hope this campaign inspires you to try the same.

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