Small Actions in a Big World for Individuals

Small Actions in a Big World

In this day and age individuals often can feel overwhelmed by trying to make positive changes for our environment. With big problems such as Global Warming, fracking, fossil fuels, and a host of other issues that take center stage, individuals may feel they don’t make much of an impact. But this is our planet, our one home. If we don’t take care of it, who will?

In spite of these worries, individuals can have a profound role in making change. From the large scale in government, to grassroots groups, to just taking little steps to be more environmentally friendly, such as saying no to a plastic straw, individuals are agents of change. This creative thinking and drive for progress should be both encouraged and celebrated.

One way that you as an individual can help our planet is simply by caring for it. An easy way that we’re taught a lot about as children is not to litter. This action may seem small so we often forget as adults but it is important. Throwing out trash and recycling is a simple step to keeping our planet cleaner and healthier. Another easy way is by gardening, which helps both the earth and the individual. More plants help the Earth and clean the air. Fresh food the individual can harvest helps them live a healthier lifestyle.

This is what we encourage here at ForestNation. But we go a step beyond that to planting a tree in a developing country when you plant your own. This is a great way to help the planet, as well as gain momentum and strength to continue to make change. It’s a reminder that you can make change. Not every action has to be a big action. Sometimes it’s the small steps that keep us going.

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