Training Luxury CSR Work Shop

Training Luxury’s ForestNation Social Responsibility Work Shop

Training Luxury’s own video of the CSR workshop with PTC in Barcelona.

“Are luxury and CSR compatible? CSR can improve companies reputation but it’s more than everything an act of giving without asking anything in return. Helping others or the environment is part of our duty.

We have created a Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop together with Forest Nation to go a step further and link environmental duties and business ethics. Sustainability and authentic interest for the others.”

– Renato Mosca ~ Training Luxury

“TRAINING LUXURY” is specialized in training programs aimed to achieve excellent customer experience and business increase in retail. For us ” Training Luxury” means to prepare people in the retail and service areas to exceed customer expectations. Leadership and Management Training, Luxury Sales Training and Retail Management. Coaching and organizational consulting at interantional level.

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