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Uganda, a country graced with a significant volume of water since 25% of its surface is water-covered, is under a major environmental threat. The land, predominantly covered with forests and savannahs, is situated over 1,000 meters above sea level, with semi-arid desert nestling in the northeast.

The Dilemma


Due to the escalating demand for firewood, deforestation is on the rise, causing devastating consequences for the environment and the people of Uganda. Despite only 25% of Uganda’s land being suitable for cultivation, the rising population continues to put intense pressure on this limited resource. This scarcity of fertile land, compounded by the issue of overgrazing, is causing increasing strife amongst local farmers.

The Consequences


Farmers, forced to produce the same quantity of food on shrinking strips of land, are now facing the brunt of this environmental issue. However, the potential solution to these pressing concerns lies in adopting agroforestry which can enhance soil fertility as well as agricultural output.

Working Towards a Solution

Our tree-planting partner has been pivotal in promoting agroforestry as a means to counter this environmental crisis. They have been laboriously working with fellow organizations to establish 90 nurseries and plant over 700,000 trees in an effort to cultivate sustainable livelihoods and restore Uganda’s lush green cover. Resuscitating the country’s environment is not just about planting trees, but also about increasing awareness, engaging local communities, and promoting ecological responsibility. Together we can make a real difference for people, the environment, and the world.


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