CSR with employees

CSR with employees!

Corporate Social Responsibility is a crucial part of your company’s long-term strategy, and getting your team involved in your CSR initiatives will make lasting impressions on your best brand ambassadors.

ForestNation and Training Luxury have teamed up to offer you the ForestNation Social Responsibility workshop to demonstrate how caring improves every aspect of our work and daily lives.

Make your team Citizens of ForestNation and engage them in your CSR initiatives.



Grow trees in the office

Be proactive with your CSR and encourage your team to grow their own trees at work.  By involving your team in your CSR you will be improving the quality of their working life and make a lasting impression with your best brand ambassadors.

You can use tree growing as a central activity to communicate all your other CSR initiatives.  It’s lots of fun and we can tailor make activities and work plans to suit your needs.

Trees and plants are also proven to improve concentration and clean the air in the work place.

Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012

A survey by Net Impact shows that…Two thirds (65%) of workers and students said that “the potential to contribute to society” and “a job that will make the world a better place” is very important to them, with about one in four deeming this to be essential.

  • 53% of workers said that “a job where I can make an impact” was important to their happiness
  • 65% of university students expect to be able to make some positive social or environmental difference through their work