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We’re using tree kits for our humanitarian message of “Empowering Girls.” Planting a seed for a girl, therefore helps to break her poverty pattern.

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With ForestNation’s tree planting kits, we have a special opportunity to raise awareness, while engaging our girls with their planet.

Studio Samuel stories will feature tree kits from NYC to Ethiopia. Then, inviting everyone in between to join us!

“A world where everyone grows her own tree would be the perfect earth.”

~ Frehiwot, age 13

Studio Samuel impacts the turning point in a girl’s life. As a result, it opens many pathways and she’s able to realize potential and become self-reliant.

Our vision for girls, is to have less barriers for education and healthcare. We’re based in Ethiopia, with a goal of expanding worldwide.

Girls in our program learned about Earth Day 2015, due to planting a tree or plant. Then in 2016, they used their voices, so they could raise awareness. They created an Earth Day, music video.

After participating in ForestNation’s Earth Day Initiatives, which was a great environmental platform, it was introduced into our program of study.

So, we’re very excited to share this worldwide! It’s a very positive and needed message, especially for our youth.

ForestNation’s passion and product caught our attention. The team, most of all, believes in their mission. They created an engaging and very sustainable product.


ForestNation is a social business. We combine commercial, social and environmental goals equally. We empower individuals, companies and organizations to fulfill their own missions whilst growing a forest and creating sustainable livelihoods. We believe that giving back to Mother Earth should be fun and inspiring.

CO2: A tropical tree absorbs 50 pounds of carbon dioxide per year on average throughout its lifetime.
O2: Trees breathe out oxygen 4 to 5 times the amount of CO2 they absorb each year.
Land reforested: 1000 trees per hectare is a general reforestation best practice.
Jobs created: It takes 68 hours for 1 caretaker to create 10000 tree seedlings and 1 hour per day to maintain them. That translates to 40 hours of work for every 1000 trees.

For every 10,000 trees planted at least double that will germinate naturally within 5 years providing for generations to come. Also the forest provides habitat & shade for animals, natural resources for locals and adds to the beauty of the region.

We plant in the forests of Tanzania, Haiti, Uganda, Malawi, Madagascar and more. All our Tree Planting Projects create sustainable livelihoods. All the trees absorb CO2, offset carbon emissions and contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. More details about where we plant trees for each campaign are explained on the campaign page.

We work closely with our local tree nurseries to ensure bests practices are followed. They use agroforestry techniques where trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland to increase natural reforestation and biodiversity as nature intended.

We mostly plant trees which provide harvest to the local communities. For example, fruit trees are planted around schools in Tanzania to provide nutrition to the children. Our trees also help avoid land degradation. For example, trees were planted along the Lushoto water catchment basin, which supplies fresh water to over 20,000 people in the Lushoto Township and is important to prevent future stream bank erosion.

It takes 8 to 9 months for tree seedlings to be prepped for plantation. Different species are stocked up and made ready for planting during favorable seasons. For example, our Tanzanian nursery plants from March to June and October to December.

A Tree kit has everything you need to grow a tree from seed. We plant matching trees for every tree kit you get as a gift. We also plant matching trees whenever you name your Tree on ForestNation.

Trees connect you with Mother Earth and ignite your nurturing instinct. Growing something from seed helps you experiencing nature’s magic and give back. Tree kits also support our local Tree kit maker (1000 kits create a full day of work).

Plant more in this forest or grow your own forest with these actions:

Thanks for growing #forestnation.