We humans are responsible for the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth. Each day we take from her and consumer her resources. You can now give back with ForestPlay.

Plant trees for free with your actions like playing fun, educational quizzes about caring for our planet.

You need to login to save your progress and plant trees on ForestPlay.

If this is your first quiz, then by you will collect a SEED to plant just by signing up!

TREES represent Real Trees we plant for you. Your tree score increases when you plant trees using SEED points earned by playing quizzes and other actions on ForestPlay.

You can choose which Planting Partners here and we will give you updates and feedback on the planting projects you choose to plant with.

SEEDS are points you collect for specific activities in ForestNation. You collect a SEED when you WISE-UP (increase your Wisdom).

Complete 3 quizzes 100% correct to WISE-UP and earn a SEED. You can use each SEED to plant a Real Tree with tree planting partners you choose.

You can also collect SEEDs with these actions.

For Infographic Quizzes: Click the button at the top to open the infographic. Click close (or ESC) to close it.

For Video Quizzes: Watch the video until you get the answer you need. 

  • Wisdom indicates your knowledge gained from playing quizzes
  • You go one Wisdom level up when you get 3 quizzes 100% right

You can check your current wisdom level here.

As an active forest member you earn BERRIES for your interactions. BERRIES get you discounts on all our products in our shop and are applied to your cart automatically.