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You Plant We Plant

We believe we can create a peaceful world rich in resources and beauty for everyone, where we care for each other and our planet. We do this by creating products and services that have a positive impact on society and the environment. You Plant We Plant – We plant matching trees in developing nations for every Tree you plant. Growing and planting your own trees connects us with nature, and connect us all to each other.

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ForestNation is a Social Business; it’s our business to create a positive impact on society and the environment. We combine commercial, social and environmental goals equally. In fact our social and environmental goals are core to our commercial ones, and operating as a profiting making business is fundamental to our overall objective. We believe that if we can all make successful business out of doing good then lots more good things will come about.

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Our social responsibility

We’re growing forests in developing countries like Tanzania and Haiti.

  • Our nurseries create jobs for the local youth (especially women).
  • We plant harvest trees (like fruit trees) which helps the local farmers to become financially sustainable
  • We get the local school and college students to participate in tree planting activities s they’re involved in reforesting their future
  • We follow agroforestry and natural reforestation techniques to restore the biodiversity of the forest as nature intended

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Families are given seedlings to plant on their farms. When these trees mature, they provide a regular harvest which sustains their daily needs and also creates an additional source of income.

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We’re planting in the Usambara region, which has experienced heavy deforestation in the past 15 years, ruining livelihoods of local people. We’re changing this trend by growing trees for the benefit of the community.

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Local school students visit our nurseries every two weeks to learn about environmental conservation, botany, and horticulture; they put these lessons into practice by growing and planting trees that beautify their school, their homes, and their region.

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Typical village nursery that we fund. Since we began reforesting in Haiti, funding in certain areas comes and goes and people get used to having trees to plant and then suddenly they don’t. This has caused frustration but also self-reliance or a culture of tree planting across the region where many villages organize themselves to grow trees like in the picture above. It really only requires some shared tools, manual labor and 1 penny per bag. Once people see what they are missing when we leave, they make it happen on their own.

tanzania green schools program

As part of our Green Schools program, fruit trees are planted in school backyards to provide a regular source of nutrition to the children.

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