Castlebay Lane Charter School's ForestNation

Say Thanks to Castlebay Lane Charter School!


Castlebay students will team up with ForestNation to sell tree kits in an effort to encourage the local community to make a difference and take care of our earth by growing their own trees.

You plant one, we plant one – for each tree purchased, ForestNation will plant another tree in a developing country to improve our environment.
As an added bonus

Castlebay students can look forward to watching their efforts grow before their eyes on the Tree Registry. Each tree kit comes with a unique code which allows the owner to name their tree, upload photos, express their values about the earth and see where the “sister tree” is planted.


The “you plant one, we plant one” philosophy caught our eye. We also love the idea of the tree registry and believe that idea will really capture the attention of our students. We definitely like the values and the chance to help the earth and also the students of Castlebay Lane.

~ Adam

I think a place where everyone grew their own tree would be inspiring, especially children planting trees – I believe that it would encourage everyone, even our littlest citizens to take care of the earth in a very special way.

~ Christine, Parent

I like trees because you can climb them, you can put a swing on them and you can put a treehouse in them.

~ Nick, Third Grader

We need to take care of the earth because it is our only home.

~ Nate, First Grader


Castlebay Lane is a suburban elementary school dedicated, through its curriculum programs and educational opportunities, to educate, challenge, and inspire our students to reach their full potential. This is accomplished through our unique community-based partnership.

Additionally, Castlebay Lane is home to 138 fabulous trees.

We are proud to be socially responsible

Our students had great success with a band aid fundraiser, in which we shared the profits with a charity. Our students’ efforts helped raise $4,000 which was donated to the rebuilding of a school in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

We are fundraising with ForestNation tree kits to care for our planet and communicate our green values. To show the community that small acts of kindness toward the earth really do make a difference.

We hope to teach our students that the value of taking care of the earth and also that it is fun and enjoyable.