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We hope ForestNation will allow us to grow in our role as a forum for environmental conversations and solutions, particularly when it comes to forestry and conservation. It prompts individuals and organizations to work together to plant trees and make the world a healthier place, one seedling at a time. ForestNation’s Earth Day promotion really struck a chord with us, for obvious reasons (we are Earth Day Texas, after all!) and we are always looking for ways to promote positive actions for sustainability and stewardship. This is a new and really creative way to continue engaging our audiences at Earth Day and beyond.

We’re planting trees in Tanzania

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Earth Day Texas

Each April, Earth Day Texas hosts the world’s largest public exhibition devoted to environmental stewardship. The event is a platform that brings businesses, environmental organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies together to positively influence the way Texans think, live, and work. By providing enlightening talks, remarkable exhibits, and interactive workshops, EDTx catalyzes meaningful conversations that will shape a sustainable future.

Earth Day Texas is the largest Earth Day initiative in the world. Our event lasts for more days, engages more individuals, and brings more businesses, environmental organizations, academic institutions, and government entities together than anywhere else. We reach the lives of thousands of people every year to help them see how sustainability can be important and relevant in their daily lives. And we think that’s pretty cool!