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9000 Trees and counting

We feel that planting trees with ForestNation is the best way to offset our carbon footprint and give back to our planet.

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Trees for Tanzania

We’re planting trees with local communities and schools in Tanzania. The project includes education and hands on experience to empower youth groups to reforest their future.

Kwembago Forest

After 3 years of Forest growth there are signs that birds, chameleons and squirrels will soon return to play in this restored land.

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About EcoLawn

Since 2014, we have worked with over 500 home and business owners in Santa Barbara County to remove over 450,000 SF of traditional, water-thirsty grass lawns. We approach every project from a water conservation and environmental standpoint, and work hard to optimize water savings, reduce runoff, increase drainage as well as create an aesthetically beautiful project. 

By removing traditional grass lawns and water-thirsty plants, EcoLawn saves approximately 8 million gallons of water each year. EcoLawn is also a participant in the Green Business Program for Santa Barbara County.

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Our professional installation crew specializes in synthetic grass, landscaping and custom carpentry, and our talented design team can help inspire and bring your dream yard to reality.
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We hope to influence others in our industry and in Santa Barbara County to take measures towards sustainable business.

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WePlant Impact

We’re being Socially Responsible by Planting Trees with ForestNation.

Trees Planted
CO2 sequestration*
O2 creation*
*potential average over 40 years
Impact Certified by ForestNation