Forests without Borders

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David Noble Mackenzie Willis ForestNation

“Our objectives are to undertake activities that protect, conserve and restore forested lands in Canada and abroad. To educate the public about the importance of forest ecosystems in providing societal, economic and ecological benefits and to highlight the need to protect, conserve and restore forest ecosystems…”

– Forests without Borders is a registered charity in Canada.

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Forests without Borders used the Tree Kits as part of their fundraising initiatives.  The Tree Kits were available to individuals, regional and national programs.  Particular programs included: On-site special event sales, Direct consumer fundraising sales including door-to-door, School programs, memberships drives and regional fundraising initiatives.

“You plant a tree and we’ll plant a tree. Together we will grow communities.”



Truro Elementary School ForestNation

John & Myriam @ Laual University

Laval 1

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Helping People Restore Ecosystems

Poverty stricken communities around the globe are faced with the imminent threats of fuel, shelter and water scarcity, undermining human security.  Directly dependent on their surrounding ecosystems to meet their health, livelihoods and food security needs, the ongoing decline in global forest cover exacerbates the pre-existing challenges faced by the rural poor.


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We Plant One

We’ve planted 25,000 trees in Haiti thanks to Forest without Border’s campaign…

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Our tree planting partners have been planting trees throughout Haiti since early 2002, working on community-led projects which are designed to address the communities’ most urgent needs. In 2008, they helped over 200 farmers plant approximately 250,000 forest and fruit trees in Leogane. Read More



25,000 Tree Kits


25,000 Trees for Haiti


50,000 Trees for our World