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ForestNation Tree Kits are now the exclusive School Fundraising package for the Green Schools Alliance (The Alliance).

Green your school fundraising!

The Alliance is excited to have a “green” school fundraising solution for its members. ForestNation empowers teachers and youth leaders around the world to foster the ancient connection between nature, humanity and the stories, which bind us together.

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About Green Schools Alliance

Green Schools Alliance is an international organization of sustainable schools that fosters collaboration among its members to help them set and meet individual and collective sustainability goals.

Uniquely created by schools for schools, the GSA is a global peer-to-peer network of pre-K-12 schools represented by school decision makers (including sustainability coordinators, students, principals and heads, faculty, facility managers, business officers and other administrators and staff) who work together to solve climate and conservation challenges.

Since 2007, the GSA has grown organically, with more than 7,800 public and private schools in 41 U.S. states and 53 countries representing over 5 million students and almost a billion square feet of buildings. Members range from small rural schools in India to the largest school districts in the U.S., as well as many other international day and boarding schools.

Green your school with GSA & ForestNation

For Earth Day, pledge now to green your school fundraising using ForestNation’s Tree Kits, that also include fun environmental education tools.

We understand that you may not be able to start the fundraiser right now. But you can pledge implement green fundraising with the tree kits and implement it later this year or in spring next year.

It’s so easy and beneficial.