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“We’ve committed to be ForestNation Guardians by growing our own trees at work and ForestNation plants mathcing trees in developing countries to help them create sustainable livelihoods.

Our team as a whole have really cut back on printing paper and many of the team members use bicycles or public transport to commute to work. We were inspired to adopt these environmentally friendly habits as we felt it was an important part of our team building strategy to focus on social responsibility by getting the team involved in making efforts to become more sustainable. We believe the ForestNation program will help to reinforce general awareness of social responsibility and the positive effect it has on each individual actively adopting these principles by growing their own tree.”

– Jeroen Buijs ~ Sales Director, Inside Sales PTC

“Caring for your tree on a daily basis represents the value of giving without expecting something in return. What would happen if we applied this approach of caring to our work and to our clients? Thanks to our new partnership with ForestNation we have created a new Social Responsibility workshop to demonstrate how caring improves every aspect of our work and daily lives.”

– Renato Mosca ~ Founder | Training Luxury

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You Plant We Plant Impact

We plant matching trees for every Tree growing kit that companies give to their community, teams or customers. Our nurseries in developing countries like Tanzania plant and take care of these trees as they grow into a forest. We also plant more when people name their Trees on ForestNation.

For every 1000 matching trees ‘We Plant’:

  • 25 tons harmful Carbon Dioxide is offset per year
  • 100 tons of Oxygen is created per year
  • 40 hours of employment is guaranteed for local people
  • 1 hectare of degraded land is reforested

For every 1000 Trees ‘You Plant’:

  • 1000 people are connected to nature
  • 8 hours of work created for our Tree kit makers

We use locally harvested tree seeds in each Tree kit, so people can nurture home grown trees. Each kit is handmade with love by local Tree experts. Every element of the Tree kit is either compostable of biodegradable, leaving zero waste behind.

A tropical tree absorbs 50 pounds of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide per year. That translates to 25 tons of CO2 absorbed per year for 1000 trees. To put this in perspective, around 25 tons of CO2 is emitted per year by 5 passenger vehicles.

Please note that the CO2 aborption per year is a weighted average. This is because trees have low CO2 absorbing capacity in their early years, peaking as they gain maturity and then slowing down as they grow older.

You can learn more about the calculations here.

On average trees produce 4 to 5 times the amount of co2 they sequester each year depending on the species. So we are basing our CO2 number as a conservative estimate at 4 times.

Learn more here.

We plant 1000 trees per hectare as a general standard of reforestation and agroforestry practices. This allows for adequate space for the trees to grow naturally as part of the forest.

It takes 68 hours for 1 person to create 10000 tree seedlings. Then approximately 1 hour per day to maintain every 1000 seedlings.

All this translates 40 hours of work created at our nurseries for every 1000 trees.