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We are using ForestNation Tree kits to raise awareness about Marriott’s sustainability and social impact goals with our business partners and associates. We want to engage them in the issues that we all face and plant the seed of change with them. We are excited to start a growing Marriott forest and that we will be able to plant more trees in the future. We chose ForestNation because we really liked their concept ‘you plant one, we plant one’ It is a simple yet very effective campaign that allows us to be part of something bigger and ties in well with our sustainability agenda and how we can do things concretely to mitigate our impact on the environment.
At Marriott International, we believe we have a responsibility and vested interest in helping to address some of the world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic issues.With our size and global scale, we are well positioned to become part of the solution — whether that means shrinking our environmental footprint; tackling unemployment by investing in workforce training; constructing and operating sustainable hotels; supporting our communities in times of natural disaster; or advocating for human rights throughout and beyond our business.

In 2017, we embarked on a bold multi-year journey to help improve some of the world’s acute conditions and help address climate change, which poses a serious threat to business and society globally. Our new sustainability and social impact platform, Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction, is guiding the company’s efforts and delivering positive results through four priority areas, or what we call our “coordinates”: 
• Nurture Our World – Advancing the resiliency and development of our communities.
• Sustain Responsible Operations – Reducing the company’s environmental impacts, sourcing responsibly and building and operating sustainable hotels.
• Empower Through Opportunity – Helping people explore opportunity in the hospitality industry.
• Welcome All & Advance Human Rights – Creating a safe and welcoming environment for our associates and travelers alike.

We are committed to removing disposable plastic straws and stirrers from our more than 6,500 properties across 30 brands around the world by July 2019 — a decision that could eliminate more than 1 billion plastic straws a year. Since we launched our human trafficking training in 2017, we trained more than 500,000 associates on human trafficking awareness.

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WePlant Impact

We’re being Socially Responsible by Planting Trees with ForestNation.

Trees Planted
CO2 absorbed*
O2 creation*
*tons per year
Impact Certified by ForestNation

You Plant We Plant Impact

We plant matching trees for every Tree growing kit that companies give to their community, teams or customers. Our nurseries in developing countries like Tanzania plant and take care of these trees as they grow into a forest. We also plant more when people name their Trees on ForestNation.

For every 1000 matching trees ‘We Plant’:

  • 25 tons harmful Carbon Dioxide is offset per year
  • 100 tons of Oxygen is created per year
  • 40 hours of employment is guaranteed for local people
  • 1 hectare of degraded land is reforested

For every 1000 Trees ‘You Plant’:

  • 1000 people are connected to nature
  • 8 hours of work created for our Tree kit makers

We use locally harvested tree seeds in each Tree kit, so people can nurture home grown trees. Each kit is handmade with love by local Tree experts. Every element of the Tree kit is either compostable of biodegradable, leaving zero waste behind.

A tropical tree absorbs 50 pounds of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide per year. That translates to 25 tons of CO2 absorbed per year for 1000 trees. To put this in perspective, around 25 tons of CO2 is emitted per year by 5 passenger vehicles.

Please note that the CO2 aborption per year is a weighted average. This is because trees have low CO2 absorbing capacity in their early years, peaking as they gain maturity and then slowing down as they grow older.

You can learn more about the calculations here.

On average trees produce 4 to 5 times the amount of co2 they sequester each year depending on the species. So we are basing our CO2 number as a conservative estimate at 4 times.

Learn more here.

We plant 1000 trees per hectare as a general standard of reforestation and agroforestry practices. This allows for adequate space for the trees to grow naturally as part of the forest.

It takes 68 hours for 1 person to create 10000 tree seedlings. Then approximately 1 hour per day to maintain every 1000 seedlings.

All this translates 40 hours of work created at our nurseries for every 1000 trees.