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This venture in conjunction with Forest Nation is Twofold for us. Initially we believed the idea was a great way to put something back into our local environment, by being able to plant trees that we could look after, nurture and see the endearing legacy by planting trees that will last a lifetime.

It soon became apparent that by doing this we could also help our own group achieve so much more by using it as a fund raiser. When you think about it, everyone wins, ‘it’s a no brainer’ when you think about it.

When we pledge to plant a tree, plant or shrub, we know that Forest Nation will do the same, although not necessarily in the developed world but more importantly in the developing and struggling lands. We know that by us planting our trees etc that it will be doubled thereby the effect that the plants and trees will have on the planet will only be beneficial to all, now and in the future, for generations to come.

Put simply, we all thought the whole concept and idea of ‘you plant one, we plant one’ was a brilliant idea. To see, track, photograph and download for all to see and follow not only our plantings but also the ones Forest nation do also was something we could take on board and take pride in.

– South Parade Uniformed Groups

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South Parade Uniformed Groups

As Uniformed Groups we are made up from the Scouting & Guiding Organisations, these include the Beavers (boys ages 5-7), Rainbow Guides (girls ages 5-7), Cub Scouts (boys & girls ages 7-10) Brownie Guides (girls ages 7-10), Scouts (boys & girls ages 10 – 14) & Girl Guides (girls ages 10-14). We live and believe in the ethos as set down by our founders Lord and Lady Baden Powell:

The Purpose of Scouting & Guiding

Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

Between us we meet at Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church throughout the week and through the month. Having strong ties to the church enables us to also have an understanding of the relationship in the modern era with the church as a whole. Our members, although we meet at a Methodist church come from ALL denominations and from all faiths, we actively encourage diversity and welcome all abilities and capabilities.

Social responsibility

Through earning achievement badges the groups individually and collectively have taken part in many local activities not only enhancing the community as a whole but to give the Scouts & Guides an understanding of the environment. Activities have included:

  • Clothing Recycling to assist those less fortunate.
  • Gardening for the Elderly.
  • Access to local historical sites and the need to keep them for future generations.

Earth Day

Initially we had only heard about ‘Earth Day’, delving deeper we found links to ForestNation. Having studied and discussed the idea we decided that ‘You plant one, We plant one’ was a fantastic idea and really wanted to be involved.