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“It is a wonderful and original program that was well received. It also made it easier for us to not only plant trees but it was a natural, and easy, extension of our program.”

Trevor Sweet ~ Marketing Director.

Totem used the tree kits as an In-Store Retail Promotion to contribute towards, and to promote, their existing tree planting efforts. The tree kits offered Totem a unique way to engage with their clients by getting them get involved in their corporate social responsibility initiative .

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Treeplanting is an easy and effective way to help rejuvenate the soil of degraded land. In many developing countries planting trees is a means for local people to repair land degradation and start to provide a means for themselves to survive. When you buy a Tree Kit you receive the means to take action yourself, for the benefit of your own community, and ForestNation plants another one in a developing country.

Totem is committed to planting one million trees and every Tree Kit will allow us to plant even more, we thank you for your help.