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We love the concept and the message ForestNation communicates to our consumers about our brand.

We wanted a creative way to express how Vroozi does more than improve business. Our effects and the effects of our clients will go far beyond the office.

For those interested in trying out Vroozi, we offer a 30-day free trial, no credit card needed. After they register, they can order a ForestNation Tree Kit directly on our Vroozi platform as a thank you gift for giving paperless purchasing a try.

“I like trees because they are all individual and have character. They can be majestic and uniform or they can be singular and resilient. Trees are munificent, giving shade or shelter and sometimes food. They’re selfless and sturdy.”

~ Rich Chala, Vroozi Products / Co-Founder

“I care about making people’s lives easier in the grind of life and work. I care about making people’s lives better.”

~ Steve Olds, CEO of Vroozi

“It’s such a re-leaf to find a company that has branched out to help our business succ-seed. Our office was getting a little shady, but has really spruced up since we starting using Vroozi. With Vroozi we were able to get to the root of our problems and our new system has been very poplar here.”

~ Shaz Khan, Vroozi Strategy / Co-Founder / Fun Person.

“If everyone grew their own trees, I think it would give more people an opportunity to clear their minds and focus on something outside themselves. Our Earth would be more beautiful and I think people would be more ready to recognize the beauty of our Earth, too.”

~ Eric Lee, Vroozi COO

“I think it is important to empower workers, while helping the Earth. Better business does not need to come at the expense of our Earth’s resources. Vroozi is a perfect example of how we can improve business and how we use resources respectfully at the same time. By taking advantage of the electronic resources already in place and eliminating paper waste, businesses are anxious to adapt to a more Earth-friendly approach. Everybody wins.”

~ Ivy Montgomery, Vroozi Marketing


Vroozi believes in process efficiency, employee empowerment, and fiscal responsibility. We created a mobile-friendly procurement platform where employees can search and request whatever goods and services they need to get their job done, at discounted business pricing. The shopping experience is similar to buying from Amazon so users never need training. Requests are systematically routed for management approval and budget checks so there are no more financial surprises at the end of the month. And best of all, all the spend is now centralized and trackable on a platform that can be easily accessed on any device and can integrate to a back-end financial system. In the end, we help companies save money, save time, and eliminate a massive amount of paper waste from purchase orders, invoices and goods receipts. Less paper waste means more preserved trees.

Making sure we have more Trees.

For those interested in trying out Vroozi, we offer a 30-day free trial, no credit card needed. After they register, they can order a ForestNation Tree Kit directly on our Vroozi platform as a thank you gift for giving paperless purchasing a try.

We hope that people realize software technology has drastically improved process efficiency and we no longer need to waste paper for forms and orders. We represent better business that protects our Earth, too.

The core of process efficiency adoption with business purchasing means companies should get rid of paper requests and paper orders, so we love how our goals align with ForestNation’s vision of planting trees. Because ForestNation and Vroozi both are in the business of making sure we have more trees on this beautiful planet Earth.

WePlant Impact

We’re being Socially Responsible by Planting Trees with ForestNation.

Trees Planted
CO2 absorbed*
O2 creation*
*tons per year
Impact Certified by ForestNation

You Plant We Plant Impact

We plant matching trees for every Tree growing kit that companies give to their community, teams or customers. Our nurseries in developing countries like Tanzania plant and take care of these trees as they grow into a forest. We also plant more when people name their Trees on ForestNation.

For every 1000 matching trees ‘We Plant’:

  • 25 tons harmful Carbon Dioxide is offset per year
  • 100 tons of Oxygen is created per year
  • 40 hours of employment is guaranteed for local people
  • 1 hectare of degraded land is reforested

For every 1000 Trees ‘You Plant’:

  • 1000 people are connected to nature
  • 8 hours of work created for our Tree kit makers

We use locally harvested tree seeds in each Tree kit, so people can nurture home grown trees. Each kit is handmade with love by local Tree experts. Every element of the Tree kit is either compostable of biodegradable, leaving zero waste behind.

A tropical tree absorbs 50 pounds of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide per year. That translates to 25 tons of CO2 absorbed per year for 1000 trees. To put this in perspective, around 25 tons of CO2 is emitted per year by 5 passenger vehicles.

Please note that the CO2 aborption per year is a weighted average. This is because trees have low CO2 absorbing capacity in their early years, peaking as they gain maturity and then slowing down as they grow older.

You can learn more about the calculations here.

On average trees produce 4 to 5 times the amount of co2 they sequester each year depending on the species. So we are basing our CO2 number as a conservative estimate at 4 times.

Learn more here.

We plant 1000 trees per hectare as a general standard of reforestation and agroforestry practices. This allows for adequate space for the trees to grow naturally as part of the forest.

It takes 68 hours for 1 person to create 10000 tree seedlings. Then approximately 1 hour per day to maintain every 1000 seedlings.

All this translates 40 hours of work created at our nurseries for every 1000 trees.