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“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

We’ve given you a tree to grow so you can take part in our environmental and humanitarian initiatives.

It will help you connect with nature, and help us all to connect with each other.
Give your tree a name, message and upload a photo.

WFF Charity Ball May 10th, 2013

This year, WFF is raising money to help people who are dying from lack of clean water and sanitation.

This natural resource that is essential for life, is in appallingly short supply. Nearly 5000 people, mainly children, die each day from preventable water-born diseases. Almost 1.2 billion people lack clean water, and this is increasing.

We already have projects amounting to almost €700,000 helping 1000’s and 1000’s of people, for which we need your help.

These projects are ready to begin as soon as we achieve the goal of raising enough money at our Charity Ball. The White Feather Foundation hopes to raise over € 1 million this year towards predominantly water and sanitation projects.

We are very much at the beginning of our endeavours to achieve these objectives; we plan to pursue simple achievable projects, in collaboration with competent organisations, with proven track records and years of experience, working and researching in these troubled areas, as our foundation expands helping more and more people in need.

We resolve to spread awareness and responsibility, whilst working to raise money to ensure the continued success of our partners in the field.

We would also like to help improve sanitation, develop sustainable agriculture and education. The idea is to start with water and help communities build from there. Water being the source, the essence from which all else flourishes.

  • White Feather Foundation and Interactions & Solidarity Monaco collaboration.
  • – Borehole well serving a school
  • – Benefits 655 school children and 2500 people living in the surrounding community of this school. Including a semi nomadic population of 1500.
  • – Access to clean water in sufficient quantities to help reduce mortality rate due to waterborne diseases To help develop sustainable agriculture
Ethiopia tree planting