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Collect digital SEEDS for free by doing actions. When you have enough SEEDS you can choose where to plant Real Trees.



Invite people to plant with you! Collect 1 SEED for each person that accepts. Got a website?


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Top-Up your SEED collection with packs of SEEDS to plant real Trees!

Let’s plant it back!

Join the SEED collecting game and you’ll get the chance to plant real trees for our planet!

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Do you have a blog, company website or newsletter campaign?

Invite your contact lists to plant with you. It’s totally free as ForestNation will pay to plant the trees for anyone that accepts your invites. You get an amazing promotion for your contacts and Mother Earth will be super happy with the extra trees.

It’s simple!

Just share your unique url. You can make a banner, or add the url to any image you like. Here’s an example banner to for you to use. (Right click to save).


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