You plant one We plant one

You plant one we plant one

Grow your own tree and we’ll plant one in a developing country.

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You plant one we plant one

Open, add water, grow your own tree and we’ll plant another one in a developing country: Haiti, Malawi, India, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, Kenya…

You can keep your tree in a pot, plant it in a garden, or for the benefit of your local community.

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All good for the environment

Each tree kit contains: tree-seeds, tree-growing pot and pellet made from natural renewable resources, and and instruction booklet with a unique code. The globe is biodegradable, made from potato waste and the outer wrapper from corn starch.

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Connect your tree to the world

As a citizen of ForestNation encourage everyone to grow their own trees by sharing yours on Facebook and your social networks. Place your tree on the map and see where we plant the other trees around the world.

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You plant one we plant one

Register your tree

Each tree-kit contains a unique code to register in ForestNation. Give your tree a name, message and upload a photo. Trees can be attached to campaigns so you can find out more information about the company or organisation that gave it to you.

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