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Our Global Project Development Mission

The global project development, funding and business model philosophies of Borg and ICG lends themselves to the art of strategic development and the power of controlling their own niche-based environments. Strategic development is the name given to the most important, difficult, and encompassing challenge that confronts any private or public business organization; that is …. how to lay the foundation to an innovative group of companies for tomorrow’s success while competing and positioning itself to win in today’s global economy.

To map such a foundation and road map to success in the global gold, diamond, resource mining, technology, financial, insurance, alternative energy, manufacturing and real estate markets today, along with name recognition, required the Companyโ€™s Founder, President & CEO, R. Toby Bailey, PhD, MBA, to create a collective of radical and diverse business models, project financing/funding scenarios, project management consulting, private equity funding structures and asset acquisition methodologies.

The Tree Whisperer

The steward of our Borg Global forest is 11yr old Paolo Ben Salmi aka The Tree Whisperer.

Paolo is the multiple award-winning author of โ€œPint Size Adventurer โ€“ The Abundant Adventure Creator Part Twoโ€ and โ€œInto The Wildโ€. He is an award-winning public speaker who has spoken at events such as the Mercedes Benz World and The Best You Expo, and is a founder of The Abundant Adventure Inventorโ„ข.ย Paolo is also a personal developments coach and founder of Pint Size Adventurer book series and Adventurous Publishing House.

He aims to inspire people to explore the world more deeply and seeks to get more people to go on adventures. He helps you to plant the seed towards self-discovery and exploration of the world in abundance to create a brighter future.ย Paolo understands the effects we have on the planet particularly when travelling and on adventurers so wants to provide solutions to become more sustainable.

Plant with us

Borg Global Holdings desire to continue to plant a vast fruit forest that will go on to enrich the lives that live their in a number of ways such as education, food, increase income and so much more.

We consider the environment to be a key stakeholder and we are committed to harnessing our culture of innovation to improve the state of the world.

We leverage the power of our Borg Global network to reduce the impact that we and our customers have on the precious planet.

We are committed to planting the seeds for a sustainable future for all.

Close your eyes and imagine the possibilities.

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

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