Who We Are and What We Stand For

We help organizations take control of their environmental impact by reforesting the planet.

We believe everyone has the potential to change our world for the better. We work with companies, schools, organizations, and individuals to make that potential a reality.

For us at ForestNation, success is defined by relationships. We hope that through planting trees, we can help humanity thrive through reconnection — both to the world and to each other.

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You Plant, We Plant

We provide fun, customized tree-planting kits for companies and organizations – so that they can plant hundreds of trees in their own communities.

Meanwhile, we plant trees in areas hard hit by deforestation and industrial agriculture. Our tree-planting programs prioritize creating sustainable livelihoods — creating rich futures for children; creating leadership roles for women; creating rich local economies. 


We combine social, environmental, and commerical goals equally.

ForestNation is a social business. Like any other business, we don’t depend on donations or grants — we are self-sustainable. 

It’s simple — we believe that if we can make successful business out of doing good, then lots more good things will come out of it.


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We're changing the way companies interact with their world.

We help companies express their core values and marketing messages in a hands-on, engaging way. We provide corporations turnkey environmental impact marketing techniques that benefit their bottom line. 

Companies use our customized tree kits as communication vehicles — as gifts per purchase; as giveaways at events; in celebration of new launches. It’s a natural way to make connections – that’s how real engagement should be.


We're reimagining the school fundraising process.

School fundraising shouldn’t damage our health or our planet. Instead, it should be healthy, educational, and community-oriented. 

ForestNation helps schools plant trees as a fundraising method. By planting trees, schools aren’t just raising money — they’re instilling a love for the environment in future generations and building stronger communities.

Get to Know Us!

Where We Plant

Deforestation is a global problem. Find out more about where we plant and the communities we work with.


Meet our ambassadors, learn more about what we do, and learn about environmental actions you can take everyday.


Meet the people behind ForestNation. Our reforestation efforts are global, and so are we - we have ambassadors all around the world.