We're on a mission to turn the negative effects of the gift giving industry into a force for good.

We strive to create gifts that reduce waste and actively promote reforestation to support healthy ecosystems and communities. Our gifts bring people together and cultivate relationships between individuals, brands, and nature. Join us in our quest to make every gift a celebration of both people and the planet!

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You Plant, We Plant

With every item purchased and action taken on our website, we plant trees in an area hit hard by deforestation and industrial agriculture. Through this program, we focus on generating sustainable livelihoods in developing countries.

Our hope is to stimulate local economies; develop leadership roles for women; and create a brighter outlook for future generations. By default, organizations that work with us help not only their own communities, but contribute significantly to the greater good.

We stimulate success for organizations by offering innovative ways to reforest the planet

Everyone has the potential to change our world for the better. We make it easy for companies, schools, nonprofits and individuals to do so through fun customized tree-planting kits.

Our ForestNation tree-planting kits can be used to shape team building events or as gifts, trade-show giveaways, school fundraisers or employee incentives. What’s more, in establishing that connection to nature, the benefits go far beyond marketing.


We take corporate social responsibility to the next level

By providing turnkey marketing solutions that have a positive impact on the environment, we help companies demonstrate their social values to the world.

Furthermore, when groups customize tree kits for their events and community, they’re making a sustainable connection that will (quite literally) grow for the life of the tree.

We give schools an educational approach to fundraising

We’re planting “teachable moment” seeds into school fundraisers by giving educators and parents a tangible way to help kids learn about the environment.

While raising money, the students will also raise awareness about the importance of caring for Mother Earth and build community in the process.