Our Company

We’re empowering humans to do great things for each other and Mother Earth.

ForestNation's mission is to help humanity thrive by re-connecting us to nature and to each other.


We're changing how companies interact with their world.

Imagine if companies expressed their core values and marketing messages using Trees as the communication vehicle. It’s a natural way to make connections and that’s how real engagement should be. Find out more.

School Fundraising shouldn't damage our health or our planet.

Imagine if schools encouraged their communities to grow trees as their main fundraising activity. It would give education and make families out of communities. 

Schools need to raise funds and they need to build relationships with their communities. ForesNation helps them do this without using unhealthily cookies and coupon for junk food. Find out more.


“Imagine ForestNation… Imagine a world where everyone grows their own tree”

– Julian Lennon ~ ForestNation Ambassador.

“Growing and planting your own trees connects us with nature, and connect us all to each other”

– Andrew Pothecary ~ ForestNation Ambassador | CEO

Our vision is to help create a World at peace, rich in resources and beauty for everyone. Where we connect with nature and with each other.

You Plant We Plant

It’s fun and easy to grow your own trees, but even if you fail the first time you’ll learn a lot and you must keep trying. Growing and planting a tree is a symbolic and important act that we can all do, no matter who you are or where you live. You can plant the trees in your garden, community or local forest. You can transplant your trees to plant pots and keep them growing in doors. It will connect you with nature, and bring about positive changes in your daily activities.

Social Business

ForestNation is a Social Business; it’s our business to create a positive impact on society and the environment. We combine commercial, social and environmental goals equally. In fact our social and environmental goals are core to our commercial ones, and operating as a profiting making business is fundamental to our overall objective. We believe that if we can all make successful business out of doing good then lots more good things will come about.

There are many new ways to operate a business/organisation these days, and our friends over at ClearlySo give some excellent definitions:

ForestNation is a for-profit social business that provides corporations turnkey environmental impact marketing collateral to benefit their bottom line. Rather than providing a philanthropic donation announcement, our progressive approach delivers unique customer engagement opportunities and highly valuable media content that drives customer loyalty, acquisition, and overall positive corporate social responsibility recognition.