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Manuel Xueref
Owner, Solution Group

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Solution #1

Customized Tree Kits to grow trees anywhere

Branded corporate gifts for companies who want to be remembered everyday (they care for their trees).

Tree Kits are messengers to communicate that you care for our planet and her people.

Unlike other gifts, tree gifts create lifetime engagement for your company. 

Tree kits are great for: Trade show giveaways, Gifts with purchase, Team building events, Employee incentives, Greeting card alternatives.

Solution #2

Gift A Forest eGifts that plant real trees

For companies who want a digital gift that is really sustainable.

Create personalized stories to communicate your message and greetings

Unlike other digital gifts, real trees are planted for the recipient and your Forests will be connected forever with your Forest message.

Solution #3

You Play We Plant - Customized Quiz Challenges

For companies who want to educate their audience and boost engagement with their community.

Customized quizzes on the important topics that you want people to learn about.

Real trees are planted and our points system calculates your collective impact.

Suggested quiz topics: Your core environmental values, Earth-focused education, New products and services, Your environmental milestones or awards.

Solution #4

WePlant Badge Impact On Your Website

For companies that want to communicate the positive impact they make. 

The WePlant Badge let's your website visitors know you care about our planet and motivates them to take actions on your website. 

Consumers follow and buy more from sellers that are eco-conscious. Show them your Forest’s impact with the WePlant badge for your website.

Will your company be on the right side of history?

With climate change in full effect, it’s never been more necessary to communicate that your organization is doing something about it.

ForestNation creates comprehensive offerings for your company that can both market your brand effectively and help save the earth. From tree-planting kits to online forests you market sustainability by default with our solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reach your Corporate Social Responsibility goals with simple tools and products when you work with us.

ForestNation Certification

Learn about the strict standards we uphold to fulfill our 7-point promise that’s made with each tree planted.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our trees align with all 17 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

We Plant to grow carbon credits

We will grow premium nature based carbon credits on 230,000 hectares of land.

We have created Tanzania's first large scale 'Carbon Credit Creation Forestry Program'.

Your Company Forest

When you start planting with ForestNation, we create a custom online forest for your community. It shows your impact stats, a planting widget, opportunities for engagement and a collective display of your team’s participation.

We have projects where you can plant a few hundred or many millions of trees.

Have a look at the options below and plant more with your audience....

Don't just take our word for it

We've been looking for a service which supports our sustainability aspirations but have struggled to find anything that was affordable for us as a small business. Then along came Forest Nation! It's an absolutely brilliant service which enables us to make a meaningful contribution to CO2 reduction without a fixed monthly commitment. And what's more Andrew and the team seem to care passionately about the project and are incredibly responsive to enquiries and feedback.

Dorian Ellis
Founder & Director Dronedesk

As our employees are located all over the world, we want to engage in a fulfilling activity that helps us stay connected. Planting trees through ForestNation and engaging with one another in the Appway Forest gives us another possibility to stay connected while strengthening the planet’s ecosystem.

Ieva Simmen
Head of Marketing and Communications, Appway

The MasterCard program with the tree kits was perfect. The message about social responsibility and eco consciousness was a strong tie into the credit union giving back to Earth. The promotion experienced a 15% sales lift in registrations, which exceeded their expectations.

David Poger
President for Promotional Consultants Inc

ForestNation has been amazing to work with! We love checking in to see how many trees our recipients have planted and the overall environmental impact of doing so - it's also fun to see the pictures and names they give their trees! Swadesh is an incredible partner who is always thinking of new ways to work with Snappy and openminded when we come to him with ours 🙂 We love ForestNation!

Reid Fay
Partnerships Manager at Snappy

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