Gift Stories: Celebrate Life's Moments & Gift A Forest

Create Your Story in Minutes!

Gift Stories are inspired by Instagram stories but they are private and last a lifetime. Your Gift Story plants trees for someone to celebrate your special moments and show our planet how much you care. 

It's easy to create your Gift Story by uploading your own videos and photos created in your favorite apps.

Gift Stories


Create videos and photos in your favorite apps to upload and wow them with your Gift Story.

You Plant

Choose the amount of trees to give to someone. Wow them with the impact they will make.

We Plant

We'll plant the trees in Tanzania to sequester carbon and create sustainable livelihoods.

Forest Profile

Forest Profiles

We track the trees and their impact in the profiles of both the sender and the receiver.

Gift Your Story and Plant Trees For Someone!

Your Gift Story plants trees to celebrate special moments, to sequester carbon and create sustainable livelihoods.

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