A promotional product that engages your customers and team to plant and grow trees.

We help you to connect and engage with the people most important to you, with an innovative promotional product. It’s a message and impact that lasts a lifetime! You can give people branded Tree Growing Kits at events, trade shows, gift with purchase and CSR with your team.

1. Watch Carolyn Introduce Tree by ForestNation:

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* It's the same steps for tree pouches and cups.

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Give Tree Growing Kits as Your Promotional Product.

Tree Kits contain everything you need to grow trees at home. They also contain a unique code that recipients can register online when they make a Tree Post. Each Tree Post will have a link to your campaign page so when people share their Tree Posts they’ll create awareness for your CSR.

Be remembered everyday they care for their Trees.

Making Positive Impacts

Branded Tree Growing Kits

  • Biodegradable cups and pouches Sustainable.
  • Growing pellet & seeds. Instructions with a unique code.
  • You plant We plant.
  • “Pledge to Plant” lead generation.
  • Tree registrations and social campaigns.

You plant We plant

We’ll plant matching trees in developing countries.


A promotional product that communicates your message for a lifetime

You plant We plant

  • For each Tree Kit you give away we’ll plant matching trees in developing countries. You can even choose where.
  • A unique way to engage clients.
  • Gift prospects a Tree kits, then follow-up with your call to ask how it’s growing.
  • Stand out and get attention at trade-shows.
  • Pledge to Plant lead generation.
  • Tree registrations and campaign web page.