Watch Carolyn introduce Tree by ForestNation

Tree Gifts are a unique promotional product to engage your customers and teams.

Tree helps you to connect with the people most important to your brand. Tree is an innovative promotional product that communicates your message for a lifetime! You can give people a Tree as a customized gift at events, trade shows, and gift with purchase. They also make the perfect employee gift.

Customized Promotional Product

  • Compostable bespoke packaging
  • Made by hand and locally harvested seeds
  • "You plant We plant" - we plant matching trees!
  • Name Trees online. Tree Posts to raise awareness
  • Tree passes at events and festivals
  • Sold or gifted at events, stores and online
  • Gift with the purchase of merchandise
  • Sponsored gift
  • Customer engagement, retention and lead nurturing
Corporate Gifts
Everybody loves Trees!
Give your customers a Tree Kit to grow at home
Connect and engage with the people most important to your brand.
Everybody loves Trees!
Trees for life
They will remember you everyday they care for their Trees
Tree Kits communicate your message for a lifetime.
Trees for life
custom videos on requests
Video Instructions
Fun videos to help your audience grow their trees.
custom videos on requests
Tree Codes!
Each Tree Kit contains a unique code to create a Tree Post in ForestNation.
Tree Codes!
lands end tree kit
Email nurturing starts here
Name Your Tree
They can write a message, upload photos and can add their Tree to the map. Welcome emails that also thanks you for giving them their tree.
Email nurturing starts here
Tree Posts
Linked to your campaign and our Tree Planting Projects.
Matching Trees
You Plant We Plant
They can see where we plant their matching trees and share your CSR Forest.
Matching Trees
Awareness for Your Forest
Share Tree Posts
They can share their Tree Posts to raise awareness for your Forest!
Awareness for Your Forest
Email Nurturing Naturally
Has your Tree Grown?
We can create a tailor made flow to nurture your clients with tree follow ups.
Email Nurturing Naturally

Tree Passes for Your Events

Green your event by removing plastic lanyards and becoming carbon neutral.

jessica event pass
tree pass

Forest Campaigns


Tree Kits given at the exhibition stands.


Tree kits mailed out in a direct marketing campaign.

panasonic team member with tree kit

Lands' End

Gift with purchase online and in store.

Be remembered everyday they care for their Trees.

Tree Gifts contain everything your clients need to grow and care for their Trees. They can make a Tree Post online,  give their Tree a name and story. It will link to your campaign page and they can see where we plant matching trees to create sustainable livelihoods and reforest Mother Earth…