Customized Tree-Planting Kits

Get a promotional product that grows with your clients.

Take control of your environmental impact with a customized promotional product.

We create customized tree-planting kits for your company.  By planting trees with our customized tree kits,  you can improve marketing, customer retention, conversation, and brand loyalty.

And because we plant matching trees for every tree you plant, your environmental impact is doubled.


Tree-planting kits are an engaging promotional product for any occasion.

Our tree-planting kits come in small cups and pouches that are customized with your company’s logo, motto, and a special message. 

Here are some ways to use tree kits:

  • Promotional product at events and trade shows
  • Free gift to customers for each purchase or booking
  • Employee gift or team building activity
  • Promotional product in celebration of a launch
  • As plastic-free lanyards at events (pouches only)

What's Inside?

  • Everything you need to grow your tree from seed - just add water!
  • Your company's name and a customized design
  • Complete growing instructions
  • A unique code that connects to your online forest campaign
  • 100% biodegradable packaging, made in USA and Europe
  • Choice of tree species, plants, and herbs - we'll help you choose a species native to your area.

An interactive Online Element

We create an online campaign page – a “virtual forest” – for every company we work with. Everyone involved in your company can register their personal tree online – we’ll plant matching trees to celebrate their effort. 

In your virtual forest, users can:

  • Name their tree online and upload photos
  • Raise awareness for your company's environmental efforts
  • See where ForestNation plants matching trees
  • Join an online environmental community with your company

A promotional Product that Grows

Your audience should associate growing their tree with your company’s environmental efforts. The process of caring for a tree connects people with the greater world around them, in a meaningful way that continues for years.

Here's how we make the experience last:

  • Keep clients updated about their matching trees.
  • Follow up via email about their seedling's progress.
  • Encourage clients to update their posts in your company's virtual forest.
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Previous Campaigns


Salesforce used our tree kits as a promotional product at a trade show. Customers, employees, and clients were given tree kits. Together with ForestNation, Salesforce and their clients planted more than 27,000 trees!


As part of a new product launch, Panasonic mailed tree kits to vendors in celebration. The campaign demonstrated Panasonic’s environmental commitment to both customers and stakeholders.

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