Green Growth Promotional Product:

Plant the Seeds of Success & Create Lasting Connections - An Innovative Promotional Item for Marketers, HR & Sales Team

"There is no other promotional product on the market that makes an impact in the way ForestNation does."

Sarah Correa: Director of Sales and Marketing, Westervelt Ecological Services

600+ companies gifting and planting

Life Time Engagement For Your Audience And Our Planet

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Promotional Gifts with real purpose and impact

Transform your promotional strategy with our Eco-Friendly Tree Kits, the ultimate custom promotional item that not only empowers your audience to engage but also to grow alongside your brand. Make a lasting impact today and watch as your relationships flourish, rooted in sustainability and innovation.

Boost your events with purpose and impact for the planet

Surprise your new potential customers with a better promotional item. Tree Kits are the new promo alternative to pens, drinkware and apparel.

Nurture your relationships with partners and distributors

Flokk gifted trees to their Distributors for Christmas. The team also got involved by planting trees with partners.

Nurture your customers, gift with purchase

Philips Monitors plants a tree in their Forest for every ‘Green monitor’ sold. They’re also gifting a tree to anyone who helps grow their Forest to create further engagement. We created a custom planting widget for their customers to order tree kits to grow at home.

A Motivational Gift For Employees

Albert Corporation gifted Tree Kits to employees for Earth Day. The Tree Kits were shipped individually to 150 employee addresses. 

Their team named their trees online and posted photos, messages and updates as their trees grow. 

How it works

Custom Promotional Products Simplified & Impactful


Tree Kits get your people to grow with you! It's an easy way for people to get involved in the positive impact you want to create.


Customers, prospects and employees all love trees. And they love you for giving them the opportunity to grow one!


Tree Kits are the eco-friendly promotional product that's perfect for all corporate gifting, event giveaways, mailouts and team activities. 

Custom Branding

We create custom branded versions of our Tree Kits for you. We've even made Tree Kits in the shape of a house! 

You Plant

Choose the amount of matching trees you want to plant for each Tree Kit. Sequester 1 ton of CO2 per tree. Wow them with the impact they will make.

We Plant

We'll plant the trees in Tanzania to sequester carbon and create sustainable livelihoods. Our community engagement give you great stories and updates. 

Forest Profiles

People can name their trees with trees posts. They'll be connected to your Forest Profile where we track all your trees and their impact. 


Tree Kits are easy to distribute. Our team can handle fulfillment direct to people's homes or ship them to you to hand out at events. 

You Plant We Plant

A Sustainable Promotional Product

What You Get

Management Convincer Toolkit:

A comprehensive set of tools and resources designed to help marketing teams effectively present the value and impact of Tree Gifts to company executives and your team, ensuring easy approval and support.

Everyone Loves Tree Gifts:

A promotional item that everyone will love! Perfectly aligned with your company's values and sustainability goals. They're inclusive and embrace diversity A netter alternative to tumblers, water bottles and keychains. 

You Plant We Plant

We plant matching trees for every tree kits you buy. These trees sequester your carbon, keep our planet cooler and create sustainable livelihoods.

Tree Post Engagement

Each Tree Kit has a unique so people can make a tree post and name their tree and connect it to your Forest Profile. 

Effortless Setup:

Our team sets up your forest profile, integrating seamlessly with your current systems if needed.

Gift Stories ForestNation

Rapid Personalization:

Easy and quick customization of our Tree Kits. Our team can do all the design work and customize your promotional item for you. 

Budget-Friendly Options

High-impact gifts that respect your company's budget.

Gift Stories ForestNation

Hassle-Free Delivery:

We manage logistics and scheduling, ensuring timely delivery to your customers and team, wherever they are.

ForestNation Gift comments

Feedback Integration:

A simple system to gather employee and customer feedback on their gifts.

Continuous Engagement:

Regular updates on your tree plantings and their growth.

You Plant We Plant

For every Tree Kit your buy we plant matching trees to sequester carbon and create sustainable livelihoods. Imagine a World where everyone plants trees, gets connected to nature and to each other. 

Everyone Love You Plant We Plant!

Forest Nation aligns with the Westervelt mission of sustainable environmental investing. There is no other promotional item on the market that makes an impact in the way the Forest Nation does. Partnering with Forest Nation ensures that Westervelt is teaming with a company that shares in our goals of commercial and environmental sustainability.

Sarah Correa
Director of Sales and Marketing, Westervelt Ecological Services

It’s fun to see how everyone takes care of their little tree, watering it, caring for it and enjoying it. Everyone understands the message and thinks it is good if we get involved with trees together. The feedback is positive and the campaign connects us. Many partners have uploaded photos of their trees – we are pleased about this!

Judith Holthuis
Digital Marketing Manager at Flokk

The MasterCard program with the tree kits was perfect. The message about social responsibility and eco consciousness was a strong tie into the credit union giving back to Earth. The promotion experienced a 15% sales lift in registrations, which exceeded their expectations.

David Poger
President for Promotional Consultants Inc

ForestNation has been amazing to work with! We love checking in to see how many trees our recipients have planted and the overall environmental impact of doing so - it's also fun to see the pictures and names they give their trees! Swadesh is an incredible partner who is always thinking of new ways to work with Snappy and openminded when we come to him with ours 🙂 We love ForestNation!

Reid Fay
Partnerships Manager at Snappy

Promo FAQs

Promotional items, such as branded tree kits, can have a powerful impact on customer loyalty and brand recognition. When customers receive a product that is both practical and eco-friendly, they are more likely to remember the brand and feel a stronger emotional connection to it.

🌳Just think about the positive impact of receiving a tree growing kit at a trade show compared to a pen, tumbler, cooler or drinkware, apparel, water bottles and keychains

The success of a promotional product campaign can be measured in a number of ways, including increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and sales. With branded tree kits, companies can also measure the success of their campaigns by tracking the growth of the trees and the positive impact they have on the environment.

Companies should consider a number of factors, including the target audience, the message they want to convey, and the impact they want to have on the environment. Branded tree kits offer a unique and eco-friendly solution that ticks all of these boxes.

Promotional items, such as branded tree kits, can be integrated into a company's overall marketing strategy by being used as part of a larger environmental initiative, such as a tree-planting campaign. They can also be used as a way to reward customers for their loyalty or as a giveaway at events and trade shows.

Companies are using innovative and unique ways to stand out in a crowded market by using eco-friendly promotional products, such as branded tree kits, to promote their brand. By doing so, they are not only promoting their brand, but also making a positive impact on the environment.

Companies can ensure that their promotional products are eco-friendly and sustainable by using biodegradable, compostable, recycled, or recyclable materials and working with suppliers who have a demonstrated commitment to sustainability. Products that contribute to environmental causes, such as tree kits that support reforestation efforts and sustainable livelihoods, are also a great option.

Tree Kit FAQS

We select seed species that have a high germination rate ie 80-95% above. Based on the size of the seeds, we include 3-10 seeds in each tree kit to increase the chances of germination. In case the trees don't germinate, the recipient can report that to us and we'll make sure they get a free replacement to try again and we'll help them grow their trees as well.

Tree kits have a shelf life of upto an year if stored in a dry environment. Just make sure they are not exposed to moisture and they can be kept in storage and ready to grow when you like.

The tree kits come with Step by Step instructions to grow. Also included is a link to see video instructions to grow.

You can keep growing the trees in a plant pot indoors, on your balcony, or on your terrace if possible. You can grow the trees in limited space by pruning them regularly.

The tree kits are handmade with love in Knoxville, Tennessee for North American orders. We also make them in UK and Europe. In the US, the tree kits are made by people with disabilities, that's another good cause to support 🙂

Yes, we can ship to individual locations. Rush production and shipping might cost extra, please get in touch for that. We can do custom packaging like custom boxes, flyer inserts, custom tree kits, etc, please get in touch for more info.

Yes, all our tree kits are environmentally friendly. Every part is either biodegradable or compostable and they are all healthy for our planet!

We will give you options to choose from that are best suited for your region. We also have seed species that can be grown anywhere in mainland US.