You’re here to Plant!

Have fun with this new ForestNation game. Share the idea to plant more trees and collect “seed points” with friends and contacts online. With 5 seeds or more you choose where to plant, which means ForestNation will plant real trees in your name. Start today to see how many trees you can plant.

You’ve collect 0 SEEDS and you’ve planted 0 Trees!

Top Tree planters

Top Tree Planters

# Avatar Name Trees
1 Andrew Pothecary 56
2 weidler, cindy 51
3 Diane Wacker 40
4 AugustKronborg 20
5 Megan Rinyu 20
6 Lisa Folino 15
7 , 10
8 Andrew Pothecary 9
9 andyCniels 6
10 abbata08 5

Top SEED collectors

Top SEED Collectors

# Avatar Name SEEDS
1 Debbie Crawford 1000
2 invisors 500
3 Andrew Pothecary 352
4 theBookakery 48
5 Camille MOON 37
6 Anthony Rocco Cavaleri 32
7 Anonymous 23
8 Andrew Pothecary 20
9 Andrew_ 16
10 d.lawrie 15

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Collect digital SEEDS to plant Real Trees!

SEEDS are digital points you collect for actions you take. You can choose where to plant Real Trees with your SEEDS. There are loads of ways to collect SEEDS. A few examples are shown below, but explore and find out other ways.Remember to login first then start collecting.

  • 1 SEED for 10 Visitors

    Share ForestNation’s content and you’ll collect 1 SEED for every 10 visitors to our web site.

  • 1 SEED for 1 citizen

    You’ll collect 1 SEED for each new ForestNation Citizen that sign ups because of you.

  • 1 SEED for 10 Likes

    You’ll collect 1 SEED for every 10 Likes you give. Find Tree Posts on the map to Like.

  • 1 SEED for 10 Comments

    Get the conversation going! You’ll collect 1 SEED for every 10 comments you make on our Blog Posts or Tree Posts.

  • 1 SEED for 1 Growing Kit

    You’ll collect 1 SEED for every Growing Kit you purchase in our shop. You Plant We Plant.

  • 1 SEED for 1 Tree Post

    You’ll collect 1 SEED for every Tree Post make. Tell us where you’re planting your trees! Tree Post.

  • 50 SEEDS for 1 T-Shirt

    You’ll collect 50 SEEDS for every piece of clothing you buy from our shop. You Wear We Plant.

  • SEEDS for Quizzes

    Coming soon. Collect SEEDS for completing our online Quizzes.

Invite to Plant!

Invite people to plant with you. You’ll collect 1 SEED for each new ForestNation Citizen that sign ups!

Team Up!

Join and create team groups. They can be private, public or hidden. Each with a leaderboard and total progress.

Tree Post!

Create tree posts of the trees you’ve grown. If it’s from one of our tree kits we’ll show you where your matching tree is.