Easy to Send egifts that tell your Brand's story!

Your Gift Storiesย plant trees for people, sequester your carbon and create sustainable livelihoods.

๐Ÿš€ Create and deliver your branded campaign in less than 24 hours!

600+ companies are already gifting and planting

With videos, voiceovers, gifs and images your storytelling has no limits! You can design your own Gift Stories or we can design everything for you!

Gift Stories to Appreciate Your Team

You can make new employees feel super welcome and give thanks to any team member for the great work they do for you.ย 

Happily's Thank You Gift Story to Offset Carbon for Their Clients

Happily sends our Gift Stories to offset their client's carbon emissions. This is a unique way to engage with and nurture existing customers.

QRG's Happy Holidays Gift Story

As part of QRGโ€™s commitment towards enhancing sustainability and promoting reforestation, the company leveraged the power of digital eGifts during the holiday season. In partnership with ForestNation, QRG sent out 295 eGifts to their clients.

Salesforce Dreamforce Event Gift Story

Salesforce sent Gift Stories to partners who downloaded content from the Dreamforce 2022 event.

How it works


Tree gifting campaigns for new employees, sustainability, CSR, anniversaries, milestones, lead gen at events... You name it. Trees work for you!


You can send gifts to existing contacts, customers, partners, employees and new leads. Trees are perfect for both B2B and B2C campaigns.


You can give trees as gifts in your campaigns for call to actions (CTA), incentives, appreciation and reward. It's always going to be an amazing surprise for the person you gift.ย 


With videos, voiceovers, gifs and images your storytelling has no limits! You can design your own Gift Stories or we can design everything for you!ย 

You Plant

Choose the amount of trees to give to someone. Sequester 1 ton of CO2 per tree. Wow them with the impact they will make.

We Plant

We'll plant the trees in Tanzania to sequester carbon and create sustainable livelihoods. Our community engagement give you great stories and updates.ย 

Forest Profiles

We track the trees and their impact in the profiles of both the sender and the receiver. Or just track the trees in your forest profile.ย 


Email, messaging apps and QR codes and print. Bulk send, Webhooks, Quick Send or simple one by one when you want.

What People Think...

Growing our own trees at work reminds us everyday to think about our impact on the environment and how we can take steps to improve it. ForestNation helps to raise awareness about social responsibility and the positive effect it has on us as individuals.

Jeroen Buijs
Sales Director for PTC

At TD Bank, we are committed to making our world a healthier and greener for the next generation. While working with ForestNation, we were able to provide our customers with trees to plant at home, while supporting vital tree plantings around the world.

Joseph Doolan
US Head of Environmental Affairs at TD Bank USA

The MasterCard program with the tree kits was perfect. The message about social responsibility and eco consciousness was a strong tie into the credit union giving back to Earth. The promotion experienced a 15% sales lift in registrations, which exceeded their expectations.

David Poger
President for Promotional Consultants Inc

ForestNation has been amazing to work with! We love checking in to see how many trees our recipients have planted and the overall environmental impact of doing so - it's also fun to see the pictures and names they give their trees! Swadesh is an incredible partner who is always thinking of new ways to work with Snappy and openminded when we come to him with ours ๐Ÿ™‚ We love ForestNation!

Reid Fay
Partnerships Manager at Snappy

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How can I create my egift from premade templates?
  1. Choose from premade templates here
  2. Customize the template by clicking on the "Customize" icon in the top right corner and then clicking "Start".
  3. You can personalize up to 4 slides with videos, GIFs, photos, and messages.
  4. To edit a slide, simply click on the "Edit" icon.
  5. On the editing screen, you can choose to show or hide the slide and select either "Media & Text" or "Photo Editor."
  6. "Media & Text" allows you to add media such as videos, GIFs, or images and a rich text block, which you can format and align as desired.
  7. "Photo Editor" is a simple tool for editing graphics that you have already created with other photo editors like Canva or Adobe.
  8. Once all the slides are ready, click on the "Gift" icon in the top right corner and choose the number of trees you want to gift and a message to show in the gift email and recipient's Forest profile.
Can you help with the design of the egifts?
Sure. Please get in touch from the contact form above, and our team will work with you to create an eye-catching gift.
How can I save my gifts as a template?

Click on the Gift icon on the top right, and a popup will show where you can see the Save as Template option.

Saved Templates can be accessed from the Your Gifts > My Templates section on your Dashboard.

How to send the egifts?
  1. Click on "Send Gift", enter the recipient's information, and select "Send".
  2. Choose to gift an individual or a company.
  3. Pay with a credit card or add the gift to your account if you have a wallet set up. To set up a wallet, contact our team.
  4. The gift can also be sent in bulk or through API integrations. Please get in touch with our team to set this up.
Where do I see the gifts I've sent or received?

You can see the gifts you've sent and received from the Your Gifts dashboard here. You'll also see your saved templates here.

You can get to this page from the main ForestNation dashboard here.

What is the Add to Account option when sending the gifts?

If you have an active Wallet with us, then you can just send gifts by selecting the 'Add to Account' option and pay in bulk monthly or in batches. If you need to activate your Wallet, please get in touch with us from the Contact form above.

How does it work from the recipient's end?

The recipient will receive an email with your Forest message and a link to view the gift.

The recipient can then click on the link to claim their Forest profile.

To see a real example, please get in touch with our team so we can send you some test gifts or add some credits to your account for testing how the gift looks like.