You Need Forests for Your Own Survival

Some reasons to love trees …

They have an amazing ability to help keep our climate stable.
They absorb carbon dioxide that causes climate change.
They clean the air we breathe by absorbing odors and pollutants.
They emit oxygen that can help sustain most forms of life.
Their roots help filter clean drinking water for us all.
They provide safe habitats and food for animals.
They keep our streets and homes cool by providing shade.
They save water and slow water evaporation from thirsty lawns.
They prevent soil erosion by keeping soil in its place.
They provide natural sun protection for human skin.
They provide huge amounts of food for animals and humans to eat.
They help humans heal from ailments with various medicinal properties.
They create economic opportunities and jobs.
They bring communities together for planting events.
They connect us to nature and to each other.
They provide us with wood so we can build and create.
They give us energy and calm when we choose to walk amongst them.
They provide beautiful landscapes to view and admire.
They increase property values when planted near homes and businesses.
They reduce the overall concentration of greenhouse gases.
They reduce noise pollution by as much as 40%.
They act as a natural air conditioner.

Grow your Forest with ForestNation and protect your future on Mother Earth


Take your marketing to a more meaningful level with items that not only boost engagement, but promote corporate social responsibility.


Raise money for your school or nonprofit with earth-friendly tree, herb and flower-planting kits or invite donors to plant in your forest.


Exercise your power of one and plant your own forest with ForestNation. Invite friends to join you on social media platforms to elevate your impact.

Your Own Forest

The time is now to plant the seeds that will ensure our survival on earth. Whether you plant for yourself or on behalf of a company, school or nonprofit organization, your online forest will display your impact and track your progress.


You Plant, We Plant

Dig in to dig our population out of an environmental crisis. Ignite your nurturing instincts with one of our easy-to-plant tree kits that make wonderful gifts, employee incentives, school fundraisers and more. With each tree kit purchased, we plant more in a developing country, so your planting power goes far beyond your own community.

ForestPlay Quizzes

Knowledge is power — and ForestNation makes gaining knowledge fun and easy. ForestPlay earth-smart quizzes can be played by anyone to learn more about environmental topics and inspire further action. You can level-up your wisdom, collect seed points and choose where to plant real trees in developing countries. We create custom challenges for your company’s team and clients, and schools can fundraising selling game time for students.


Choose Your Path

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You Plant, We Plant

We believe commercial, social, and environmental goals should go hand-in-hand. 

Our tree-planting programs prioritize creating sustainable livelihoods — creating rich futures for children; creating leadership roles for women; creating rich local economies. 

Companies planting with us

10,110 Trees
Philips Monitors
10,001 Trees
35,425 Trees
9,000 Trees