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"It’s fun to see how everyone takes care of their little tree, watering it, caring for it and enjoying it..."
Judith Holthuis
Digital Marketing Manager at Flokk

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forestnation Gift idea #1

Tree Kits to grow trees anywhere

Choose from pre-made designs for all occasions or go for custom branding.

Recipients of tree kits will remember you of you everyday they care for their trees! 

You Plant We Plant - 10 extra trees for each tree kit, to create sustainable livelihoods. 

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forestnation Gift idea #2

Gift A Forest is an egift that plants real trees

You can personalize any template with your own photos, videos and gifs.

Each egift you send is a climate action that proves you care about our planet.

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forestnation Gift idea #3

The WePlant Badge for your website

The WePlant badge puts your impact on your website and let's your visitors know you've planted.

Gift trees to your customers on your website for any action you like.

Our point system counts your trees and calculates your impact.

forestnation Gift idea #4

Your Forest Profile proves you plant and let's your audience gift you trees

Use your forest profile to motivate your community to plant with you. They can leave a forest message for you when they plant.

forestnation Feature

Transactional Trees for you to plant with simple automated integrations

Connect your website and apps to get live real time impact stats and plant for any action you like. We'll work with you to make custom integrations to help get more trees in the ground!

forestnation Feature

You Play, We Plant

With ForestPlay we'll gift you trees when you play fun quizzes.

Learn about earth friendly topics. Collect SEED points for actions and plant trees for free!

We also offer custom quiz creation and challenges for your teams and customers.

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forestnation Feature

Forest Reports are proof that your company planted

We've partnered with technology experts to offer you advanced reporting to prove your tree planting with any organization.

Gifts and features that keep our planet healthy

The ForestNation Mission

We're on a mission to turn the negative effects of the gift giving industry into a force for good. We strive to create gifts that reduce waste and actively promote reforestation to support healthy ecosystems and communities. Our gifts bring people together and cultivate relationships between individuals, brands, and nature. Join us in our quest to make every gift a celebration of both people and the planet!

As a company we believe commercial, social, and environmental goals should go hand-in-hand. So all our gifts and services have to make a positive impact for our planet and all her inhabitants. 

The tree-planting programs we work with prioritize creating sustainable livelihoods, bright futures for children, leadership roles for women and rich local economies.

Why people love ForestNation

Talk about amazing environment friendly swag! There is so much waste in all the conferences where popular swag is almost always made out of plastic. This was thoughtful and green! For every plant that is named, planted and registered one tree will be planted in a developing nation. #winwin And it is a special bonus for #plantlovers like me! #walkthetalk

Tree gift recipient

With many Logitech employees working from home at present, the ForestNation platform and engagement tools are critical in achieving our goals to take action.

Ashlyn Stout
Employee Coordinator, Logitech

The MasterCard program with the Tree Kits was perfect. The message about social responsibility and eco-consciousness was a strong tie into the credit union giving back to Earth. The promotion experienced a 15% sales lift in registrations which exceeded their expectations.

David Poger
President, Promotional Consultants

What an awesome idea. I gave it to my 26 year old daughter as a gift and she is thrilled. She is all about saving our environment and plans to buy more of these to give as gifts. Thank you!!

K. Harris
Tree gift sender


Can we prove we've planted trees?

For larger planting projects we offer satellite imagery and impact reports on all your trees planted around the world with any tree planting organization. This is a custom service so please connect with us for more details.  

For different levels of tree planting with our partner we provide video, photo and drone proof of your forest.

Where do you plant?

Our main tree planting projects are in Tanzania, Haiti and Kenya. We have 10 more projects and locations where it is also possible to begin planting. So if you’d like to know more or have a specific planting location in mind get in touch and let’s start these awesome new tree planting projects

Are your trees certified for carbon credits?

As standard the trees we plant are not certified for carbon credits. These trees are a pure nature based solution to the climate crisis and they absorb carbon even if they don't have a credit attached to them. We decided to focus on planting as many trees as possible and to help create sustainable livelihoods.

If you want to discuss creating a tailor made campaign, to plant trees with certified carbon credits we will be happy to make this happen for you.

I have a tree kit but no garden. What do I do?

You can grow trees anywhere! Our tree kits are designed to grow indoors at any time of year. You can keep your tree growing in a pot for as long as you like. If you do have a garden or place to plant it outside that is great. But you can still grow trees and be connected to nature even if you don't.

Are tree kits really compostable?
Yes, all our tree kits are environmentally friendly. Every part is either biodegradable or compostable and they are all healthy for our planet!

When we plant trees we experience Mother Earth's magic. And she gives us special eco-powers to protect her!