Imagine a World where everyone plants trees with no harmful pollution with no plastic waste where we care for our planet where we care for each other

It starts with You and some seeds…

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We’ll plant for you, but we want you to grow as well. Here’s how you can get involved.

Corporate Gifts

Communicate, connect and engage with to the people most important to you.

Branded Tree Kits


The greenest school fundraiser ever. Your students will get everyone to plant and grow!

Education & Fundraising


SEEDS are digital points you collect. You can then choose where to plant real trees.


“Growing your own trees connects you with nature, and connects us all to each other”


Your nutritious dose of herbs, flavors and vitamins for cooking and juicing!


Growing kits are a vehicle to communicate any mission, in harmony with nature.



Gifts that grow and last a lifetime. Gift a special message to the people you care about.

Gifts that grow

“Imagine a World where everyone plants their own trees” – Julian Lennon, ForestNation Ambassador


When we grow things from seed we experience Mother Earth’s magic!

FN Guardians

Give Back to ME (Mother Earth) and show her you are grateful for all she gives you.

Pledge to Plant


We plant to create sustainable livelihoods for our sisters and brothers around the World.

Planting Projects

We Plant

Add TreePins to your website. Engage your visitors by planting trees for each purchase.

We Plant


Gift someone a TreeCard and choose where to plant 10 trees.


You Plant We Plant growing kits. What they are made from and all their benefits.

Growing kits

  • Margaret Robinson ~ Atkins High School in Arkansas
    AP Human Geography and Earth Science classes at Atkins High School in Arkansas planted a Red Oak tree in honor of Global Cooperation day! We are doing our part!
  • Eric Petersiel ~ Principal at the Leo Baeck School
    Eric Petersiel ~ Principal at the Leo Baeck School
    Running the tree kit program at our school provided our students with the opportunity to engage directly in an international environmental effort, growing their own tree at home while at the same time knowing that they were having an impact on improving the world. This product served the educational and experiential needs of our school perfectly.
  • Joseph Zammit Le Meridien St. Julians Hotel & Spa, Starwood Hotels
    During the years trees gave us shelter in many ways, food and so many other things. Now its the time the Human race gives something back to trees - Security for each tree. (Tree Planting Day 1. See their tree)
  • Jeroen Buijs ~ Sales Director, Inside Sales PTC
    Jeroen Buijs ~ Sales Director, Inside Sales PTC
    Growing our own trees at work reminds us everyday to think about our impact on the environment and how we can take little steps to improve it. We believe the ForestNation program will help to reinforce general awareness of social responsibility and the positive effect it has on each individual actively adopting these principles.
  • Alexandra Leclerc ~ Associate Director Global Citizenship (CSR), EAME
    Alexandra Leclerc ~ Associate Director Global Citizenship (CSR), EAME Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
    We chose ForestNation because it's a tangible and interactive product and we really love the concept "You Plant We Plant". We used the Tree Kits as a corporate gift in our welcome packs at our Round Table Event to reinforce our message that we are serious and committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Guillaume ChampeauCoordinator, Administration & eCommunications, BioFuelNet Canada
    We are using ForestNation tree kits to care for our planet and communicate our green values. The ForestNation tree kits are by far the greenest promotional item we could offer our partners or conference attendees. Trees are the original climate change fighters. They contribute to the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere, which is very much in alignment with our goals at BioFuelNet Canada. Every single tree planted is a step towards a greener, healthier planet.