Companies: Communicate, connect and engage with to the people most important to you.

NEW for Schools: The greenest fundraiser ever. Let’s get everyone to plant and grow!

This is how we’ll plant Billions of Trees!

Tree Kits - You Plant We Plant

Everything you need to grow your own trees at home. Plastic free biodegradable packaging and We plant matching trees in developing countries!

Tree Kits

ForestNation-Company Tree Kits Planting

Imagine if Companies...

encourage their clients, partners and employees to grow and plant trees. It would be a new way to connect and engage with the people most important to their organisation. People will remember them everyday they care for their trees. It’s a message that lasts a lifetime.

Make an Impact

Tree Workshop in local school

Imagine if Schools...

encourage their local communities to grow their own trees as a school fundraiser. There are over 69 million students in North America and the UK. You Plant We Plant Tree Kits ensure matching trees are planted in developing countries. This would have a massive social and environmental impact around the world.

School Fundraising

Imagine if NonProfits...

gifted Tree Kits in return for donations to their own cause. ForestNation’s Tree Kit fundraiser is a healthy and socially responsible alternative to traditional fundraising products. It’s a vehicle to communicate any mission, in harmony with nature.

NonProfit Fundraising


Give Back to Mother Earth (M.E.)

Ask yourself… What have you done for M.E. lately?

You can get your seedlings, plants or seeds locally or ask us to help you. After you plant you can feature your photos and videos in ForestNation.


  • Joseph Zammit Le Meridien St. Julians Hotel & Spa, Starwood Hotels
    During the years trees gave us shelter in many ways, food and so many other things. Now its the time the Human race gives something back to trees - Security for each tree. (Tree Planting Day 1. See their tree)
  • Sean Lippitt ~ Chairman, Media Group.
    We are using the ForestNation tree kits to market our carbon balanced print solution. What better way to demonstrate to environmentally minded companies our commitment to the environment and to show them how we can help them offset the carbon of their printed literature. ForestNation fits perfectly with our ethos of providing our clients with a sustainable environmental cost saving solution.
  • Dr. Donald SmithPresident & Scientific Director, BioFuelNet Canada
    Planting and nurturing a tree helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, converting it into living biomass. Carbon dioxide is the most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas, simply because we produce so much of it. It is the main driver of climate change and all of the extreme weather, reduced food crop production, ecological damage and potential social instability that goes with it. A simple tree has the capacity to stand against all this.
  • Alexandra Leclerc ~ Associate Director Global Citizenship (CSR), EAME
    Alexandra Leclerc ~ Associate Director Global Citizenship (CSR), EAME Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
    We were looking for a unique and novel product that linked with our initiatives to reduce energy and water usage. We chose ForestNation because it's a tangible and interactive product and we really love the concept "you plant one we plant one". We used the tree kits as a corporate gift in our welcome packs at our Round Table Event. ForestNation helped us to raise awareness with employees and associates and reinforce our message that we are serious and committed to corporate social responsibility.
  • Ida DominguezLegacy Preparatory Charter Academy
    As part of our Earth Day and Arbor Day lesson plans, this year we aim to plant more trees outside our school to care for our planet and communicate our green values. Plus, with ForestNation we have the added value that for each tree kit purchase, they will plant a tree in the country we selected which is Haiti
  • Guillaume ChampeauCoordinator, Administration & eCommunications, BioFuelNet Canada
    We are using ForestNation tree kits to care for our planet and communicate our green values. The ForestNation tree kits are by far the greenest promotional item we could offer our partners or conference attendees. Trees are the original climate change fighters. They contribute to the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere, which is very much in alignment with our goals at BioFuelNet Canada. Every single tree planted is a step towards a greener, healthier planet.