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Plant with me

I am planting a tree for every book sold, not just to compensate for the fact of printing a book, but also for increasing my impact in the world. I want to give each individual that buys my book this chance to be part of something bigger, and something that will actually have a huge impact in the most needed communities.

Besides helping local communities to achieve a better life and wellbeing, I want to create awareness to all my readers about the initiatives that are in our hand and can be life-changing to other people.

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Advocating for a Sustainable Lifestyle

I am an individual promoting sustainability in the fashion and tourism industries. I promote brands committed to sustainability and help them also in achieving their goals in that matter.

I am a consultant who has helped hundreds of hotels guiding them into sustainable hospitality and I also co-founded the European Sustainable Hospitality Club. With my commitment, what I try to create is a better world to live in.

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My Social Responsibility

On a professional note, I am the author of the Sustainability Strategic Plan 2017-2019 for the Hospitality Industry, created along with the City Hall of the City of Barcelona.

On a personal note, I have ditched the plane in all the travels that can be done by train. Working in London, Barcelona, Brussels and Paris, I haven’t taken one plane since 2018 for visiting these cities, and I have always used the rail alternative. Also, committed with the Barcelona City Hall, this 2020 I have decreased the consumption of plastic on a personal level.

One of the achievements I am more proud of is creating my book “From Trash To Runway”, which will help a lot of people to understand how to recycle unworn pieces they have in their closets.

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Reforesting Haiti

In Haiti we are re-establishing a culture of tree planting with local communities and farmers. Making landowners self-sufficient through agroforestry and educating people about reforestation benefits.

Learn more about this project >

Why you love Forests

Forests are one of the places where I feel most comfortable. I was born in Barcelona, and we are surrounded by mountains and forests. Whenever I am in a forest I feel like coming back to my childhood when I was playing with my friends in nature.

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Dan Pontarlier

Advocating for a sustainable lifestyle

I’m a consultant in sustainability & marketing for the Hospitality and Fashion industries with almost 15 years of experience in the sectors. As an actor involved in the creation of society’s awareness regarding sustainability issues in both industries, I am committed with the UN in creating and divulging information that could generate a positive impact within the 17 different Sustainable Development Goals. With my work, I try to empower the reduction of poverty and hunger with the support of brands that promote decent work and economic growth, while standing for gender equality, liberty, and fluidity. Also I have created the book From Trash To Runway, to guide people in creating new clothes from the unworn ones in their closets.