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Plant with us

Thank you for attending GGV’s Evolving Economy Summit.

With this tree-planting kit, a tree is planted in a developing country. Your planting power goes far beyond the EvolvingE community. See you at next year’s summit, hopefully in person.

Happy planting!
Team GGV

evolving e

Evolving E

Evolving E is an ecommerce tech community that began in 2016 as a summit in New York for the top entrepreneurs and executives in the ecommerce, retail, and consumer goods sectors.

In 2020, the summit shifted to incorporate industries rapidly evolving to keep pace with the change brought on by the global pandemic. 2020 also marked the launch of GGV’s Digital Economy Index and the exponential growth in the Index over the last 12 months.

Ecommerce paved the way for digital transformation across industries and this year, we are excited to expand the Evolving|E summit to highlight the innovators enabling a Digital Economy.

We are planting matching trees in Tanzania to create jobs and income for local communities. Thanks for making an impact!

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