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Grow With Us!

Lido’s roots are seeded in helping people grow their wealth. Now you can help us plant roots and create our own Lido Forest!

We specialize in preserving and maximizing our client’s legacy. By giving back we can not only preserve but create an impactful legacy for Lido. It is important, now more than ever, to involve ourselves in sustainability and creating a better future for all. Partnering with Forest Nation allows us to do just that.  

For every one tree Lido employees plant and register on this website, ten trees will be planted in the new Lido Forest in Haiti.

By taking part in Forest Nation’s program we can, as a group, work towards a more sustainable future!

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Reforesting Haiti

In Haiti we are re-establishing a culture of tree planting with local communities and farmers. Making landowners self-sufficient through agroforestry and educating people about reforestation benefits.

Learn more about this project >

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Tons of CO2
absorbed yearly​
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created yearly​