Responsible Shipping

As a regular shipper of containers, we’re aware that shipping containers produces a significant amount of CO2 emission.

Therefore we’re happy to announce that together with Shypple and Forest NationMaximaVida is going to compensate their carbon footprint by planting a forest in Tanzania.

This, not only, compensates our shipping emissions within 5 years. But it also helps locals in the Usambara region, since deforestation has ruined their livelihoods.

Growing mature fruit-bearing trees will generate an income for the Tanzanian growers and produce tons of oxygen per year.

Products designed for living

MaximaVida makes ‘ordinary’ products for in your home, garden & terrace special. We do this by adding colour to our products, creating several combination options / possibilities by using the products in several different ways. Chairs that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors for example.

At MaximaVida, everyone can develop their own style. With us, you won’t find completely styled houses and gardens. We will show you how you can create your own table or cabinet by using out table legs, or how you can tastefully decorate your garden. But above all, we invite you to use your own imagination and to give it your own twist!

MaximaVida’s range of products consists of furniture for inside and outside, picnictables and accessories. Because we have had our own furniture made for over 20 years, we have gained a lot of product knowledge. During the product development process, we spend a lot of time on the choice of materials, the correct dimensions, the packaging and the applications. We are therefore truly proud of the products that are wearing the MaximaVida label!


Reforesting Tanzania

We’re planting trees in Tanzania to help keep our planet healthy. These trees will absorb CO2 to keep the environment cool and create oxygen to help clean the air. The forest also provides a key source of livelihood for local communities.

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MaximaVida Forest
MaximaVida Forest



Tons of CO2
absorbed yearly​


Tons of Oxygen
created yearly​