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Our Social Responsibility

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

Travel with a purpose, do something good; these are the things my parents instilled in me from a very young age.

As a family, we volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and other organizations.

The sense of togetherness felt when helping others was a feeling beyond compare. Growing up that feeling became an expansion of myself. I continued to travel on my own, seeking ways to contribute while taking in invaluable experiences. Such experiences included volunteering with a group of humanitarian doctors in Costa Rica and teaching health and women’s rights in India. As much as I was able to give, I received so much more; knowledge that I was able to be a part of something bigger.

I am grateful and encouraged by organizations like Forest Nation which takes even the smallest donation and turns it into resources that have an impact all over the world. Together we can help battle climate change, improve the environment, and provide income and hope to individual communities.

About me

“Travel is more than just seeing the sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of the living.” – Miriam Beard

I am Rachel, a Vietnamese-American photographer based in Oregon. For the past several years, I have undergone a journey that has shaped how I photograph. From the Rainbow Mountains of Peru to the majestic peaks of the Himalayas and the frozen glaciers of Antarctica, I encountered a myriad of impactful experiences.

The diverse people and the astonishing places held stories I felt compelled to tell through photography.

Two years ago, I quit an office job in the corporate world to pursue my passions for travel and photography full time. My mission now is not only to showcase the wonders of the world but to share the authentic stories of real people. I wish to inspire others to view each other as a collective force that can bring about positive change.

Plant with us

β€œGiving opens the way for receiving.” Florence Scovel Shinn

With environmental devastation spreading throughout our world, some even sanctioned by our governments, it is vital that we return to what is important: humanity. Extending a helping hand not only lifts up others but encourages a way of life that will contribute to a future worth living in. Through my work, I aim to create a minimal physical impact on Mother Nature while supporting sustainable initiatives that better the lives of other people.

A percentage of every photo session and print purchase goes to planting trees with Forest Nation. Your donation is a multifaceted gift that doesn’t stop with a tree. It creates an impact on generations to come. I choose to partner with ForestNation because not only contributes to the reforestation of our planet; they help to provide income, education and farming support to the people of Haiti. ForestNation also makes a point to empower women by making sure there are 50% of them employed within their program.

In Haiti we are re-establishing a culture of tree planting with local communities and farmers. Making landowners self-sufficient through agroforestry and educating people about reforestation benefits.

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Anonymous - 13.02.2021

This is really cool! I love trees!

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