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We hope we plant a lot of trees! And we are in it for the long run. For every purchase, we plant a tree and we hope you will do the same. We want to act responsibly and we want to leverage the power of you, our customer, and our products to reduce the impact we all have on the planet. In addition, we want to contribute to help build awareness of the positive impact of planting trees.

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Studio About

Studio About is an interior design studio based in Denmark. We are passionate about creating simple, aesthetic and functional interior People are at the heart of what we do. We want to inspire people to be playful and creative in the way they inhabit the space surrounding them.

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Our Social Responsibility

At Studio About you will not see a new collection every season. We believe in well thought out designs with shapes and materials that live beyond trends and seasons and deliver timeless appeal.

Our products are versatile and can be styled to fit your home and personality for as long as you want. Our products are made from carefully selected high quality materials and are easy to disassemble and recycle.

We are very aware of the impact manufacturing and consumption have on Mother Earth and Forest Nation helps us make a positive change in a really simple way. Everybody loves trees and with ForestNation it’s so easy to do a good deed when buying a product from us.

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Reforesting Tanzania

We’re planting trees with local communities and schools in Tanzania. The project includes education and hands on experience to empower youth groups to reforest their future.

We like that ForestNation has already shown great results. By planting more than a million trees, they are not only making a positive impact on climate by planting trees but also by producing medicine, food, shelter, and jobs. At Studio About we want to be part of this amazing journey! We are teaming up with ForestNation to help create a sustainable future – for us and our children.

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