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Plant with us

We are using trees to connect with our clients, channel partners, and prospective clients in a more socially responsible and impactful way. We don’t find that giving material gifts leaves a lasting impression and wanted to focus on something that gives back and supports a great purpose. That’s what leaves a lasting impression of our company as well as on the world we live in.

We hope to create a tighter bond with our community as well as support our passion for giving back, and creating lasting impact. We want people to see that we are more than a CFO firm…we care, we are passionate, we focus on things that matter and give back when we can.

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Our Social Responsibility

We are a small remote team, so other than no paper products, and reduced transportation we don’t have an environmental policy in place right now. We focus on clients that are passionate and impactful in what they do. All of our clients are doing big things that are changing the world and that is very important to us.

However, we have a very strong internal company mission and values that consists of Excellence, Unyielding integrity, Prioritizing People, Infectious enthusiasm, High leverage, Total ownership, Refreshing openness, Continuous growth, Endlessly innovative.

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About us


 We are doing this for two reasons:

1. To show gratitude in a sustainable way to those who continuously support Vanreusel Ventures.

2. To support our mission to give back in a impactful way.

How can you help: Some of you are getting ready to receive your VV Tree cups in the mail!  But, if you are interested in joining our ‘pledge to plant’, we would love to include you in this journey.  Email us here to get started and, we will send you your VV Tree cup  

You do not have to have a yard for planting and growing your own tree. Trees are adaptable, and will happily grow in the container it is given.

How does it work: Every time someone receives and registers their Vanreusel Ventures Tree Cup, your tree will be added to the VV Forest, where you can add updates, and share its growth with your network.

Double the impact:  After you register your tree, ForestNation will plant a matching tree in Vanreusel Ventures Forest located in Tanzania–a very heavily deforested community.  Participants will receive updates on the direct impact that their matching tree in Tanzania has on the community and environment

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Learning about Trees

My name is Kim, and I am the Operations Manager at Vanreusel Ventures.

We recently received our first tree cup from Forest Nation, and we couldn’t be more excited–my Mateo.
He helped me prepare everything and sew the seeds. The hardest part for him is waiting! He was curious why we are trying to grow a tree inside the house. I shared with him how vital trees are to the entire planet and talked about how we can make a difference even with just one tree!

He has been very gentle with our little tree. He talks to it, sings to it, and is very excited to see it grow. Maybe a little impatient.

I was candid with him about “why” trees are essential to ALL life on earth, even down to the little honey bee we see flying around. NOW when he sees a tree..big or small…he recognizes each one and says, ” that tree helps me breathe,” or ” that tree is the home for someone else.”

It’s been amazing to see!  Start them young and change will happen.

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Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

More about this project >

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