Growing Kit Instructions

Growing Instructions

This video gives instructions on how to grow your own tree using a ForestNation Tree Kit. We show a stone pine in the video, and instructions do vary slightly for different tree species. Some tree seeds need simple but very important preparation before you sow them. Each tree kit has a seed prep letter on the lid and extra instructions on the first page. Please contact us if you need any help or guidance.

If you have a different shaped tree kit, e.g. globe, bag or box, the instructions are almost the same. The video above is best for general use.

Please contact us if you think they can be improved and help us to encourage everyone to grow their own tree.


Your tree kit lid and instruction leaflet should tell you to do ONE of the following before you sow.
If in doubt please contact us for help.

No preparation needed and ready to sow.

Stone Pine
Empress Tree

Pour warm tap water over seed and soak for 24 hrs before you sow.

Blue Spruce
White Spruce
Northern Catalpa
Western Redbud
California Fan Palm

Boil water, let it cool for 5 minutes, pour over seed and soak for 24hrs.

Cabbage Palm
Thornless Honeylocust

Do not boil the seed in water. The water needs to be extremely hot to soften the hard shell of the seed. So we recommend you boil the water first, then let it cool a bit before pouring it over the seed. Then soak for 24 hrs.

Seed capsules: Small seeds are supplied in a biodegradable veggie capsule. Empty the seed from the capsule for seed preparation and sowing.

1. Register your Tree!

Register your tree here. If there is a unique code in the instruction leaflet you can use it during the registration process to identify the campaign that gave it to you. If not use a hashtag to help us connect your tree to the campaign. You can give your tree a name, place it on a map, and see where we plant all the other trees. Share your tree page to encourage others to care for Mother Earth too!

2. Add warm water

Soak pellets for 10 minutes then squeeze a little to introduce air and remove excess water.

3. Add seeds

Most seeds need to be pushed under the surface and well covered. But not too deep.

4. Lid on keep warm

Replace the lid. Keep in a warm place until it sprouts (about 2 – 6 weeks).
More water isn’t necessary during this period, but check it every 3 to 4 days to make sure it hasn’t dried out.

Temperature is important!

5. Daily care once sprouted

When your seeds have sprouted you will see few little green needles poking out from the soil.
Remove the top half of the lid, and place your seedling somewhere with lots of sunlight.
Check every day to ensure it does not dry out, and add water gradually.

Be careful: Don’t give it too much direct sunshine or water.

6. Ready plant

Your tree seedling is ready to plant when it is 6cm to 9cm tall (about 8 to 12 weeks old, if right amount of sun and water).You can plant your tree in a bigger pot or directly in the garden (keep your tree in its original growing pot).
Plant in area where the ground isn’t too compact and there’s a good source of water all year round.

If their is risk of frost, keep it in a pot inside your warm home.

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