School Fundraising

Discover an innovative, environmental, and effective way to fundraise for your school.

Fundraisers are a great, hands-on way for your students to learn. With ForestNation, your students can raise money and learn about the environment – all at the same time.

We provide herbs, flowers, and tree-planting kits for your students to sell. Often, students sell cookie dough and other unhealthy snacks for fundraisers – but this way, your school earns money while spreading a positive message to your community.

School Fundraising Idea

The Greenest Fundraiser Ever

Your community sells a wide choice of herbs, flowers, and tree-planting kits. Together, you can learn about how to take care of plants as they grow.

We provide the plants; you decide on the profit margin you want.

Themed Fundraising

All of our plants come in 100% biodegradable packaging. You can customize the packaging – choose from our themes, or design your own!

If you choose to customize your packaging, you can add images and messages that resonate with your campaign.

FN Guardians Tree Kits


Learning to grow and care for your plants should be fun and educational.

We’ve created coloring sheets, educational songs, and other resources to guide younger students on their fundraising journey.

You Plant, We Plant

Your students aren’t just helping their own communities become greener – they’re helping students across the world, as well!

ForestNation plants matching trees with our teams in Haiti and Tanzania for every plant you sell.

Our tree-planting programs prioritize creating sustainable livelihoods — creating rich futures for children; creating leadership roles for women; creating rich local economies.

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ForestNation Tree kits at Manufacturing and Engineering week