Tree Kits - You Plant We Plant

You Plant - grow your own trees anywhere you like. We plant trees to sequester carbon and create sustainable livelihoods.

We Plant - we'll plant extra trees for each Tree Kit you gift. These extra trees absorb tons of carbon, create sustainable livelihoods and reforest our planet.

Tree Kit Features

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100+ Designs

Choose from over 100 designs for all occassions

You Plant

Gift Tree Kits to someone and they'll be able to grow their own trees at home! 

We Plant

We'll plant matching trees to sequester carbon and create sustainable livelihoods.

Tree Codes

Tree Kit have unique codes that connect you to your matching trees.

Tree Posts

Name your tree, create a Tree Post and share it to earn a SEED point.

Forest Profiles

Proof you make a positive impact. Track all the trees you plant.

With our tree kits, not only can you nurture a tree from seed in your own home or office, but you'll also be contributing to global reforestation efforts. For every tree kit you plant, we plant more trees, promoting sustainable livelihoods and combating climate change with carbon sequestration.

Grow a greener future

With ForestNation Tree Kits you can cultivate life right where you are and  contribute to global reforestation efforts. It's a daily reminder of your commitment to the environment and the sustainable livelihoods we're creating together. Nurture a tree, nurture our planet.

What’s Inside our Tree Kits?

Our tree kits are good for the environment, plastic free and leave no waste behind.

Earth Friendly Ingredients

  • Compostable cups and pouches.
  • Compostable lids (for the cups).
  • Tree Seeds for each location.
  • Compostable capsule for small seeds.
  • Jiffy 7 growing pellet.
  • Instruction leaflet.
  • Unique code to name your tree and earn a SEED point which you can use to plant another real tree in your forest.

How to Grow and Plant

  • Soak the seeds if needed
  • Prepare the pellet and sow the seeds
  • Give it water, light, food and love

All tree kits come with growing instructions and you can visit to watch detailed video instructions.

Tree Kits - You Plant We Plant

Tree kits are your opportunity to make a change.

Mother Earth is the source of everything in your life. It’s about time you started to give something back to her. People worship their gods and religions every day. We gift our loved ones many times throughout the year. Sports fans admire their teams for a whole season. Why aren’t you doing something regularly for our Mother Earth!

You can gift tree planting kits or plant them yourself. We plant additional trees in a developing country to reforest Mother Earth and help create sustainable livelihoods for people that need it most. You Plant, We Plant!

Tree Species

We make sure the trees you get are suitable to grow in your climate and are native to the region.


Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Red Spruce, Crape Myrtle, California Fan Palm, Orchid Tree, Sourwood, Empress Tree, Western Red Cedar, California Redwood, Sabal Palmetto, Thornless Honey Locust, Western Redbud, River Birch, Stone Pine, Bristlecone Pine


Coriander, Basil, Sage, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme, Mint, Cilantro, Rosemary, Dill, Chives, Cayenne Pepper


Snapdragon, Lavender

Where Matching Trees are Planted

For every tree kit, we plant matching trees in these developing countries:


  • Creating sustainable livelihoods for local communities
  • Empowering local youth to reforest their future
  • Creating jobs for women
Know more about the project


  • Re-establishing a culture of tree planting in Haiti
  • Making landowners self-sufficient through agroforestry
  • Educating the community about reforestation benefits

Know more about the project

Name Your Tree to Plant More

There’s a unique code for each tree kit that you can use to name your tree online, upload photos and messages to share. We’ll plant 1 more tree if you create your tree post.

Name your tree

Tree Kit Uses


Tree kits are a great alternative to traditional greeting cards and gifts. Gift your friends and loved ones a tree to grow on holidays, special occasions or express your love with a tree. We plant 10 additional trees for each tree gifted.

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Company Campaigns

Companies like Salesforce, Panasonic and Lands’ End use branded tree kits to plant trees and make an impact with their community.

Learn more about Corporate tree gifts

School Fundraisers

Sell tree kits to raise funds for your school. Encourage parents and the local community to grow their own trees and support school development. It will also help reforest our planet making it the greenest fundraiser ever.

Learn more about School Fundraiser tree kits

For more ideas on how you can use tree kits, feel free to contact us here.

Tree Kit FAQS

We will give you options to choose from that are best suited for your region. We also have seed species that can be grown anywhere in mainland US.

We select seed species that have a high germination rate ie 80-95% above. Based on the size of the seeds, we include 3-10 seeds in each tree kit to increase the chances of germination. In case the trees don't germinate, the recipient can report that to us and we'll make sure they get a free replacement to try again and we'll help them grow their trees as well.

Tree kits have a shelf life of upto an year if stored in a dry environment. Just make sure they are not exposed to moisture and they can be kept in storage and ready to grow when you like.

The tree kits come with Step by Step instructions to grow. Also included is a link to see video instructions to grow.

You can keep growing the trees in a plant pot indoors, on your balcony, or on your terrace if possible. You can grow the trees in limited space by pruning them regularly.

Yes, all our tree kits are environmentally friendly. Every part is either biodegradable or compostable and they are all healthy for our planet!

The tree kits are handmade with love in Knoxville, Tennessee for North American orders. We also make them in UK and Europe. In the US, the tree kits are made by people with disabilities, that's another good cause to support 🙂

Yes, we can ship to individual locations. Rush production and shipping might cost extra, please get in touch for that. We can do custom packaging like custom boxes, flyer inserts, custom tree kits, etc, please get in touch for more info.