Forest Challenge

Teach your message and do good for the world. It’s a win-win.

Quiz challenges help you reach your audience in an engaging way. For every completed quiz, we plant trees in areas affected by deforestation.

You play, we plant!

You choose how many trees we plant per completed quiz. Our quizzes are free until your organization plants 100 trees! 

We create quiz content about whatever topics you want to teach your audience. Together, we can help fight deforestation and create sustainable livelihoods.

Common Quiz Topics:

Have environmental goals, but trouble conveying them?

Your organizations’s environmental goals are admirable, so why not make them fun to learn about? Our quizzes are a unique and engaging way to get your message across.

Challenges Help Your Organization:

show that you care

Stuck at home, but still want a way to help the world?

We all know that helping the environment can’t wait. ForestPlay challenges are a great way to take action, even with a busy schedule.

Play to Plant and Grow Your Community!

“With many Logitech employees working from home at present, the ForestNation platform and engagement tools are critical in achieving our goals to take action.”

Ashlyn Stout

Employee Communications Coordinator, Logitech

Get Started!

Free Until You've Planted 100 Trees.

Join companies like Salesforce and Logitech, and get your own customized challenges today. You tell us what information you want conveyed to your audience, and we tailor-make it for you. It’s simple – you play, we plant!

Not only will you improve reputation and marketing, but you’ll also be supporting reforestation efforts around the world.

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