Grow Your Impact with Forest Profiles

Your Forest Profile is where your environmental efforts shine. Track every tree you plant and see the real impact you're making. It's not just about numbers – it's about actual change you're contributing to.

Forest Profile Features

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Full profile features so you can shout about why you care for our planet! 

Tree Points

You earn Tree Points for trees planted in your Forest and Giving Tree Points when you plant in other Forest.  

WePlant Badge

Promote your impact stats on your own website with this simple easy to install website badge. 

SEED Points

Collect and buy SEED points to plant real trees!

Impact Posts

Post about the positive things you do for our planet. Post about the beautiful things you see in nature. 

Forest Profiles

Forest Profiles track the trees we plant for you with impact stats and planting updates.

Our Point System Calculates The Impact Your Make:

  • Tree Points: Every tree you plant earns you a Tree Point.
  • Giving Tree Points: When you plant trees for others, that's what Giving Tree Points are for. It's our way of saying thanks for being awesome.
  • CO2: Represents the Tons of CO2 sequestered yearly by your trees.
  • O2: Represents the Tons of O2 created yearly by your trees.
  • Hours: Represents the total amount of paid work hours created by your trees for local people.
  • Land: Represents the total amount of land reforested by your trees for local communities.

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Your Forest Profile Keeps You Connected

Inspire Your Community: Your Forest Profile isn't just about you – it's a call to action for your friends, family, employees and customers. Every tree added to your forest is a collective step towards a better world