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Earth Day Network’s mission is to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide, and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle for promoting a healthy, sustainable planet. Founded by the original organizers of the first Earth Day (held in 1970), EDN is the global coordinator of the annual observance and, year-round, serves as a U.S. leader on all issues that affect our health, our communities and our environment.

Earth Day Network collaborates with 22,000 partners in 192 countries. Through hands-on, experiential programming such as the greening of deteriorated schools through our Green Schools program, to civic initiatives that aim at reducing our carbon footprint such as our Billion Acts of Green Campaign, Earth Day Network makes use of a number of avenues to facilitate environmental awareness and effect change. Because of the diversity of work and our extensive influence, Earth Day Network is well-positioned to achieve its goal of leveraging the environmental movement to create a healthier planet for us all.

While Earth Day Network works to serve all populations on a global scale through its programs and advocacy, there is particular emphasis placed on universal participation in the environmental movement regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, geographic location or any other factor. As such, and in view of the impediments often facing women and low-income communities, EDN often focuses its work to serve these demographics. Our Green Schools program targets public schools in underserved communities who otherwise may not have access to education projects that increase their knowledge of environmental issues and provide them access to healthier and more energy efficient school buildings. Additionally, our Women and the Green Economy (WAGE) program taps into, links and mobilizes the creative forces of women leaders in the pursuit of a green economy.

By engaging individuals in all walks of life, Earth Day Network promotes a community-centered approach to the environmental movement that encourages the public at-large to be aware of and adopt green, sustainable practices, thereby cultivating a collective respect for the environment and its health.

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TPS is an official distributor for the promotional gift market, based in Toronto, Canada, they are actively promoting the tree kits to corporations throughout North America.

TPS has a creative energy and the team is helping to position the tree kits as a solution for their clients Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and branding promotions.

TPS are an award winning, innovative and reliable supplier of premiums, incentives and promotional products.  They are an industry leader in helping progressive North American companies assess and accomplish their planned marketing and performance objectives.

TPS will help you strategically develop the right premium and then use them effectively. They combine their strengths in innovation, procurement and execution with a unique understanding of your objectives, enabling you to achieve measurable results.

The International Advertising Gift Council (IGC Partners) awarded TPS with the designation of “Best Eco-Friendly Product” for the launch of ForestNation Tree Kits based on submissions from over 30 countries from across the globe at the recent IGC Partners Annual General Assembly in Macau


Go Green with ISIC and ForestNation

ForestNation is proud to partner ISIC and offer students all over the world the opportunity to join our clean air campaign to fight climate change, deforestation, pollution and to help create sustainable livelihoods for people in developing countries.

You plant one, we plant one

Use your ISIC identity number to get a discount of the Tree Kits and you can grow your own tree at home, and ForestNation will also plant another tree for you in a developing country.

Do Some Good. Take a little time to do stuff that matters from your mobile.

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to do something that makes a difference, but don’t feel like you have enough time to spare, then Do Some Good is the mobile app for you.

You can lend a hand whenever you want, and in just 5 minutes – from completing a charity survey to taking wildlife photos in your local park.

ForestNation is a featured action in Orange Mobile’s very cool Do Some Good app.  Read more..


The team at Serps Invaders have supported ForestNation in putting down roots in the online world.  By supplying everything from online marketing consultancy, to translation services, social media support and creative insight, Serps Invaders have allowed ForestNation to spread their message from London, to Sao Paulo, Barcelona and beyond.

Serps Invaders were instrumental in the creation and promotion of ForestNation’s first Winter Wonder Woodland seasonal campaign, providing the creative know-how to help bring the ForestNation message to children across Britain and the USA. They aided in the creation of the campaign’s visual identity, its voice and all learning materials, as well as ensuring the campaign’s launch ran smoothly.

As Serps Invaders view their clients as partners in a mutual mission to create successful, innovative internet marketing campaigns that cross borders, ForestNation appreciated Serps Invaders fresh, forward-thinking and honest approach to online marketing and saw them as the perfect partner to propel their online efforts.